Sunday, February 8, 2009

Remembering my mom and her proverb.........

Hi Friends, I was born and brought up in a small town in southern part of India. I firmly believe that mother is the first teacher in a school called home. In India our journey of learning starts from our beloved home where the teacher is none other than our mom who expects only love from her children. She teaches her children how to lead a happy life by setting herself as an example.She manages the show in all aspects of life by proactive measures like planning, far sighted approach, spent control, creating a secret emergency fund apart from regular saving, keeping a regular watch on the activities of her children in spite of her busy schedule and many more. I remember my mom (who is no more now) who used to advise us by quoting proverbs whenever we do mistakes. One such important proverb she used to quote whenever our family members found spending lavishly which is in Kannada language "hasige iddastu kaalu chaachu" means don't stretch legs beyond your bed. She was against to credit culture and never allowed my dad to take credit unless is was unavoidable. Whenever I read the stories of the Americans who are struggling to come out from the vicious circle of debt trap which is the out come of credit card culture,I remember my mom and her proverbs.I am an admirer of America and its great people for my own reasons and hope to see them again as a super power in all fronts.I hope my American friends learn from their mistakes and go forward with preventive and corrective measures to achieve a sustainable economy along with rest of the world as a big but caring brother.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Magic Herb

Hi Friends , I am back to blogging action with precious gift to my fellow blogger. This is a magic plant called Indian penny wort naturally grows on the surroundings of paddy fields of India. It is used as a general medicine for increasing memory power and intelligence in children.