Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Humanity shown by an animal

Hi friends, sad part of human history is that there is a drastic drop in humanity as we grew as a civilized society. The dictionary meaning of humanity is kindness, benevolence or desire to do well to others and this nature is slowly disappearing from us and it is replaced by selfishness. There are many instances of kindness shown by animals particularly by pet animals towards human beings. Today I received an email attachment from my daughter- in- law and friend Varsha Kamath from Bangalore about a rare act of kindness by a monkey. As soon as I opened the mail I thought it is a good idea to make it a blog post. You can see a monkey with two blind persons in a temple in Bangalore.

They were very thirsty and desperately trying to operate the water tap without any success. The monkey which was silently watching the proceedings opened the tap for those disabled persons, allowed them to drink water, also drank some water and closed the tap afterward. If you closely watch the picture, you can observe the eagerness on the face of monkey in helping them. In India we worship various types of animals including monkeys and our association with this animal is very old. In the war of Ramayana, monkeys fought evil forces along with Lord Rama and Hanuman a super ape was instrumental in the defeat of King Ravana. Since then till today Hanuman is worshiped all over India in temples separately as well as along with Lord Rama. This is the gratitude we are showing to Hanuman for helping Lord. In fact, the main deity of RagiGudda Anjaneya Temple where this rare incident took place is Hanuman, the super Ape

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy birthday to you - Google the Giant

Hi friends, this is the first time I am wishing happy birthday to a company and like me millions of well wishers of Google are sending birthday greetings from all parts of the world. Incorporated on September 27th, 1998, Google celebrated its every birthday with note of success and now it is celebrating its 12th birthday as the most successful and proud birthday boy. Today Google is the biggest and very efficient online search engine with more than a million servers at its data centers around the Globe. You can’t think of any online activity without Google and its associated services and Orkut may be the most popular social networking tool used by majority of people both young and old. List of service provided by Giant Google is growing and looking at the way it performs, no doubt it is going to rule the world of internet for many more years. In this context I remember a story which was there in my 3rd standard text book. Kanaka Dasa was a great saint and poet who lived in between 15th and 16th century in southern part of India. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna. In his school days one day his teacher gave a banana each to every student and asked them to eat in a place where no body observes them. All students came to the teacher and happily explained how they ate the banana but only Kanaka Dasa returned the banana to the teacher and told him “Sir I am unable to find a place where no body is watching me, Lord Krishna is every where in the universe and I could not eat this banana without his knowledge.” Now Google has become like a Lord who watches and captures all online activities and you cannot escape from its eagle eyes. Getting a respectable page rank from Google has become a prestige matter for blogger like me and earning money from Google adsense is the dream of millions of blogger. Only thing you must remember while dealing with Google- he will not show mercy towards cheaters and will never give second chance. I am ending this special post by wishing Google many more successful birthdays in the coming years.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to blogging

Hi friends, I am back to blogging after a very long gap of 96 days and I hope this will be my last disappearance from online activities. There are valid reasons for my inactivity starting from my son Vinayak's engagement followed by his marriage with a lovely girl Varsha on 3rd of September 2010. Every thing has happened so quickly within a span of 3 months and I really experienced what is meant by war footing. I am happy that my son's marriage rituals took place in a most traditional manner and he has started his married life with his beloved wife and they are settled at Bangalore. Friends, I need to say sorry for not inviting you all- my blogging partners for marriage what ever may be the reasons for this lapse. Hope to receive same support from all of you.