Friday, November 26, 2010

Benefits of cycling

Hi friends, continuing discussion on reduction of carbon footprints through change in life style, I want to count the benefits of cycling in all angles. It is a known fact that the concept of cycling is green and it is no less greener then any other environmental friendly activities. Using cycle as a mode of travel in place of vehicle run on fossil fuel will no doubt reduce carbon load on the environment. Benefits of peddling a cycle regularly with respect to personal health are many. Because of our modern life style as well as nature of job, many of us especially younger generation are confined to tables which denies them enough physical activities and lack of physical work retards the calorie conversion in our system. According to Baba Ramdev, who is a well-known Yoga Guru, as long as blood circulates without any hindrance, digestive organs burns all the calories taken inside and mind is free from any worries, then you will keep yours self away from any diseases. He teaches Yoga and other physical exercises along with meditation which can keep a person physically, mentally and socially healthy. Baba says, rhythmic cycling to a long distance will keep us physically and mentally fit mainly because of proper digestion of food. Un burnt calorie will accumulate as fat in different parts of our body and becomes a cause for health upset. As a developing nation with second highest human population in the world, oil consumption in India is always a matter of worry for economists and environmentalist and replacement of motorcycle with a bicycle for daily use can make a huge difference for exchequer and to our environment. I heard that in European counties people prefer to pedal cycles for smaller distance with an aim to save environment and remain healthy. But unfortunately in India, our craze for motorbike is increasing and in spite of increasing fuel price this trend is still continuing. Modern India tries to imitate western culture very happily, then why not adopt their cycling concept?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reducing Carbon footprints through change in life style: Setting an example

Hi friends, as an upcoming blogger I always keep my eyes and ears wide open as far as grabbing blog post topics are concerned and today got some good stuff to write. As I already mentioned in my earlier posts, I am serving in an Indian blue chip company and I am lucky to have a friendly boss with whom I have a good rapport. In spite of this, we hardly discuss personal matters because of our tight schedule but never forget to share our children’s achievements at least for a brief moment. Today in the evening when I was about to leave office, my boss called me inside his cabin and happily shown a news story about his son Mr. Mayank Rungta which was published on Bangalore edition of e-paper DNA (Daily news & analysis) on his PC. Like all Indian parents who are always willing to be part of their Children’s success he was also very happy and exited to share it with me.

The title of the news story is “Make way for pedal pushers” and this about those determined people who use cycle to travel within the city of Bangalore. Instead of using his bike, Mayank pedals his cycle every day to go to his office which is about 11 kilometers from his residence. According to Mayank, riding a cycle is having many benefits both personal as well as environmental. He says, apart from saving money one can save valuable time, remain stress free, stay healthy and reduce our carbon foot prints by regular cycling. He is a proud member of Ride a cycle foundation, Bangalore and enjoys his association with this NGO group As I have mentioned in my earlier posts about carbon footprint reduction, need of the hour is to minimize fossil fuel burning. Voluntary change of life style is essential to achieve this and Mayank’s foot steps can be followed. Once upon a time Bangalore city was known for its greenery and cleaner environment but now day by day it is losing its originality mainly because of our inevitable modern activities and changeable life style.

I want to discuss the benefits of cycling in detail so thinking of stopping here for the time being and continue hopefully tomorrow.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Am I disappointed with the result? No … not at all

Hi friends, my blogging journey started under the expert guidance of Badri way back on 27th of July 2008 and since then I have never turned back. Day by day my blogging skills got sharpened including writing skill. My Google page rank rose to 4 and received 90/100 website grade from website grader. I joined Indiblogger, a network of Indian blogger and here also my site got 84/100, a respectable rank. I placed all these rank badges on a prime location of my blog and used to watch them proudly every time when I enter my page. As days passed, I started to believe that I have become a matured blogger. I myself gave a respectful position to my blog.

My association with Indiblogger network is not very long and I did not put enough efforts to make more friends within this network. During the initial days of my blogging journey most of my visitors and blogging friends were from abroad. I happened to know about this network when I visited Priyanka Prabhu’s blog and without any second thought I registered my site and that was the first when I felt homely in the world of Blog. I am really proud of some of Indiblogger members who maintain a world class blog. When “Tata Docomo 3G life” contest was announced on Indiblogger, I have decided to take up the challenge and that was my first participation in any contest as a blogger. Without putting much thought and without any preparation I just wrote an article and posted it on Indiblogger. Even I did not make a sincere effort to read posts by other participants some of whom are well reputed blogger. I thought whatever I have posted is enough to win the contest. I have completely forgotten that I am a frog inside a well and unaware of the developments taking place out side the well.Now the results are out and my honest opinion about the winning posts is that out of two posts, one definitely deserves a top position in the list OF submitted posts. I have congratulated both the winners and shared both posts to my face book dash board. Now time has come to address my shortcomings as blogger and need to do serious blogging. I need to change my blogging strategy from visiting more number of sites to reading more posts having valuable contents. I feel this failure is a blessing in disguise for me because it gives a chance for the frog to come out from the well.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Be part of a largest wireless community carrier (Wi-Fi) and save money

Hi friends, cost of my mobile communication has gone up considerably compared to earlier days and the main reason is I make international calls more often and travel from one place to another. So in order to reduce my expenditure towards mobile communication I have decided to join which is going to be the largest wireless community carrier. As a member of this Wi-Fi community, I am entitled to get various benefits from which I can save good amount of money. I can down load the mobile application to my smart phone and start using Wi-Fi connection.

Some of Attractive features associated with tribair community are as below:

 Free calls, free messages and video chat between community members
 Lower call rates to other networks from Wi-Fi connection
 Lower international calls and no roaming charge between members
 Connection available in more than 50 countries.
 Own tribe can be created and connected with the community where Wi-Fi connection is not available and enjoy 20% revenue generated via your tribe.

Benefits of Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in Mutual Funds

Hi friends, as a blogger my sincere effort should be to give value addable information or enjoyable moments to my site visitors. Blogger who posts on a particular subject cannot survive for a longer period unless he is a master in that subject. But in my case, I have got too many options at my command. My published posts on my blog can be categorized as “mixed bag” and I am happy about it. I can be choosy about the subject for my next post where as blogger who runs a blog on food category can’t be. One of my friends advised me to try some posts on financial matters which may drive additional traffic to my site.

We Indians believe that it is not wise to stretch legs beyond bed which means “don’t spend beyond earning capacity”. I think, by following this age old concept (taught by Indian moms) we remained financially fit when the whole world was struggling to survive. Even during the peak of economic recession, majority of Government owned Banks functioned normally simply because banking industry followed all basic rules of banking while sanctioning loans. Happy news is that most of the economies including US have freed themselves from the clutches of recession and I feel the time has come to increase our financial activities.

During the successful visit of American president Mr. Obama, various deals were finalized between corporate giants of USA and India and it is believed that their out come will be a win-win situation to all concerned. It is generally expected that Indian stock markets may boom after the announcement of $10 billion deal but as usual Indian investor’s response was Luke warm. Individual investors who have got burnt their fingers like me are not in a position to take further chances in this most volatile financial market and I want to give an example to justify it. A dream deal of $2.2 billion is announced between Indian based Reliance Power ltd and US based General Electric. In spite of the announcement of such a huge deal, R. power share price did not move up substantially which is still below its IPO price. What it shows? Majority of individual investors in India invest cautiously and their contribution is negligible in the stock market performance compared to Indian mutual funds, FII and hedge funds. I feel, only because of the participation of foreign institutional investors and hedge funds we could see sensex crossing 20k again and again.

Systematic investment plan (SIP) was practiced in Indian households since centuries. Indian moms used to collect some portion of food grains and money separately to meet emergency requirements if any. For an Indian investor who wants be part of share trading activities but with minimum risk, investing in mutual fund through a SIP is a good option. Since there is a stiff competition between major mutual fund players like Birla Sunlife, SBI, UTI, Tata, Kotak Mahindra, LIC, Franklin Templeton, Morgan Stanley etc. we can expect better service and returns to the customers. A small investment for a longer period may become a huge fund which may take care of future requirements like higher education for children or their marriage. Indian middle class always play safe in all aspects and I feel SIP in few companies will increase the value of their portfolios, keep them free of stock market tension. Browsing the internet to know the past track record of companies and NAV levels of different funds before selecting a fund will end up with a good selection. I am investing through monthly SIP in two different funds of Birla Sunlife Mutual fund and already received handsome dividends which are quite higher than Bank interest.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Indian lemon pickle for my Malaysian blogger friend

Hi friends, every society has got its own culture or way of life and specific food habits are followed in different societies. A particular food habit practiced in one part of the world may not be liked in another part. For example, I cannot even imagine myself eating Chinese non vegetarian items (leave lone eating) and this may be the case with many other people around the world. But things are changing rapidly with easy access to internet. Food blog plays an important role as far as popularizing food culture from one part of the world to other. Now I can prepare a tasty “cauliflower, leek and blue cheese soup” which is famous in America or a French recipe “Seared halibut with vegetable crisps and potatoes” without much difficulty by browsing food blog. As an active blogger I have many friends in different parts of the world and I am fortunate enough to interact with them via our blog. I feel proud of Miss. Seri, who is a blogger from Malaysia and I feel her blogging activities should be a guiding factor for a blogger especially newcomers. Recently she requested me to send preparation method for Indian lime pickle through my Gmail Id. But I thought it is better to be through my blog, so I am linking an Indian food site “Indian Food rocks” from where she can get details of the pickle preparation.

For Seri:

Hi Seri, thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my county’s recipes with you. Hope you can prepare it very easily and all your family members may like it. I feel language barrier can be overcome with Google translator. Waiting for your tasty feed back!

My dear Obama- how you could win the heart of majority of Indians?

Hi friends, though I am not much interested in world politics I keep a watch on the important political developments taking place around me. In India we have received heads of various countries in a big way but only visits of American Presidents arouse curiosity in even common Indians where as dignitaries from other countries failed to make much impression. Even I too have a special attraction towards America and I admire Americans for my own reasons and this may be true with majority of Indians. Mr. Obam’s visit has become a talk of the town well before his arrival and the entire 3 days concentration of the whole Nation was on him. I think he could win the heart of Indian people and made a permanent impression by his simple and straight forward approach. From the first day of his visit where he landed at Mumbai to his historic speech on the floor of Indian Parliament House his fan following went on increasing and I think today he is the most popular international figure in India. His deep knowledge about India and its cultural heritage, references of Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar in his address has brought him nearer to Indians. His statement “I am directly speaking to one billion Indians through this platform” has become an added advantage for his popularity. I liked his style of pronouncing Namaste and Jai hind and I am sure millions of Indians felt so. Whatever may be the out come of his visit on political and economical grounds, it has boosted the spirit of our business community. I feel, the tie up between two countries will result in increased income opportunities in both countries. Whatever good thing happened during 3 days of his visit is because of the combination of US policy and the personal interest of President Obama. I feel proud of this gentle man who acts tough when ever situation demands not only in the interest of his country but the whole world. I think America and American’s are lucky to have him as their leader. Mr. Obama, all of us want to see you in active politics for many more years for the betterment of the world. Bro, wish you all the best

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mr. President - is it a Big bang visit?

Hi friends, much awaited and much debated visit of Mr. Barack Obama to my country is over and in many ways it is considered as different from visits of earlier American presidents to India. Unlike other Presidents, he has attracted the attention of whole nation during his stay in India. I have watched his live actions in our Parliament house where he addressed members of both houses. I salute him for his oratory skill and it was a treat to watch him speaking on various topics beneficial for both India and America. I felt he was speaking from the bottom of his heart and I am impressed by his pleasing personality and positive body language. All the dignitaries listening to his proposals were applauding voluntarily including Mr. L K Advani, who is one of the tallest leaders of India. I don’t want to go into details of the proposals and assurances given in his speech but I can say they are beneficial to our country also. I feel proud that my country is slowly becoming a economic power and President of mighty America is giving us business proposal on equal grounds. His assurance of support for a permanent membership in UN Security Council may taste very sweet for us but it may take more than 2 decades before it takes place.

It is believed that the whole universe was formed because of an event called Big Bang and shall I call Mr. Obama’s visit a Big bang visit, which may give birth to many positive developments for the betterment of the word? He deserves a second term as President of USA and hope American’s will rightly give him another term to rule and improve their country.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Welcome to India Mr. Obama

Hi friends, wish you all happy Deepavali and prosperous New Year. Deepavali, the festival of lights is already on and my observation is that people are showing better enthusiasm than last year in its involvements. The only reason for this observed behavioral change is nothing but secured financial condition. In spite of being a most disciplined economy, we also felt the heat of turbulence in the world economy and tightened our belts on personal level as well as organizational. Moreover the contradictory predictions by different economists created doubts in the minds of Indians which made them to think twice before spending. But, now the derailed world economy is slowly and steadily rolling on the right track and that is why we are loosening our belts little bit. Indian stock markets are booming again and as usual corporate is bettering its results. American President Mr. Barack Osama is going to visit India shortly and Indian economy is welcoming him with a record stock market jump. But I think we cannot relax too much because some experts are expecting few more bubbles to burst in near future. Any way I wish better sense prevail on us not to repeat the earlier economic blunders which led to the collapse of world economy.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

3G – launching pad for a successful journey

Hi friends, I am 53 years old, serving in an Indian blue chip company where my job descriptions are mainly connected to production activities. In spite of my different nature of job and ordinary educational qualifications, I used to update my computer knowledge on my own capacity as and when it was required for my organization as well as to fulfill my personal ambitions. My computer literacy is adequate enough to be part of ongoing developments taking place in this field and I am enjoying its benefit to my personal satisfaction. Still I remember those memorable days of learning and enjoy working on MSDOS, Word star, Lotus123, Foxpro, Qpro and thrilling video games. I never thought using computer would be so easy till the arrival of MS windows package. Now I am living in an amazing world called internet, I own my own website there, under it I run my blog where I can show my talent to my online friends who are not only from my country but from other parts of the world too. I use various types of social networks like orkut, face book, twitter to communicate with my online friends. My website is becoming a means for generating online income and it is improving slowly but steadily. Apart from blogging, I engage myself in online share trading also. So, keeping in mind all my online activities I whole heartedly activated GPRS on my mobile hand set, but disappointed with the slowness associated with it. I heard the benefits of 3G from my online friends who are from USA and I never thought my turn will come so early to have 3G on my hand set.Tata is a house hold name in India and they recognize themselves with both rural as well as modern India. Tata DOCOMO is a joint venture between Tata group and NTT docomo, Japan and thanks to Tata Docomo, modern India is going to enjoy benefits of 3G network. As a citizen of a developing country, I feel proud that we are at par with developed countries like America as far as telecom service is concerned and as a blogger I count the benefits of having a 3G on my hand set. I have already confirmed that my present hand is compatible with 3G and waiting to continue my journey of passion (blogging) with Tata Docomo 3G life. With Tata Docomo 3G, I am sure to make my blogging activity more fruitful and can connect with my online friends face to face where ever they live. 3G speed will help me to down load my share trading software and trade in real time. For people who are fond of particular programs on TV channels including cricketer matches, 3G is a boon for them. In this era of video conferences, hand sets equipped with 3G can save time and energy for low profile companies. Blogging is my passion and I am happy that I am going to be on line all the time with all my friends and I am sure that all my dreams connected to this field is going to be realized very soon. I use this opportunity to wish Tata Docomo a great success and rule the network world for many more years