Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mr. President - is it a Big bang visit?

Hi friends, much awaited and much debated visit of Mr. Barack Obama to my country is over and in many ways it is considered as different from visits of earlier American presidents to India. Unlike other Presidents, he has attracted the attention of whole nation during his stay in India. I have watched his live actions in our Parliament house where he addressed members of both houses. I salute him for his oratory skill and it was a treat to watch him speaking on various topics beneficial for both India and America. I felt he was speaking from the bottom of his heart and I am impressed by his pleasing personality and positive body language. All the dignitaries listening to his proposals were applauding voluntarily including Mr. L K Advani, who is one of the tallest leaders of India. I don’t want to go into details of the proposals and assurances given in his speech but I can say they are beneficial to our country also. I feel proud that my country is slowly becoming a economic power and President of mighty America is giving us business proposal on equal grounds. His assurance of support for a permanent membership in UN Security Council may taste very sweet for us but it may take more than 2 decades before it takes place.

It is believed that the whole universe was formed because of an event called Big Bang and shall I call Mr. Obama’s visit a Big bang visit, which may give birth to many positive developments for the betterment of the word? He deserves a second term as President of USA and hope American’s will rightly give him another term to rule and improve their country.

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Unstoppablepedestrian.blogspot.com said...

Nice thought here!!

But in my case, I believe that everything was made from the creator above!!

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