Sunday, January 3, 2016

Friend in need!

Hi friends, after a very long gap of almost four years I am writing this post. Even though I was not contributing anything to my blog all these years, I could not resist myself visiting it every now and then. Any way I am trying to warm up myself with this post for a future possible hectic blogging activity. I want to regain my lost confidence and hope to see my blogging friends and other blog walkers visiting my site as earlier. Recently I got a golden opportunity to be with my  friend and blog GURU Sri. Rangan Badri for about 3 days and I feel that brief stay with this great person helped me in many ways including shrugging off my laziness. I heeded his indirect advice to recite Sundara kanda of Valmiki Ramayana and I am getting benefit with that spiritual activity. After my retirement from service two months back and relocation to Bangalore I was slightly depressed and unable to convince myself to carryout activities as earlier. I thank Ragan Badri for helping me to come out from that negative phase.
Hope to post regularly.