Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is non vegetarian food habit causing global warming?

Hi friend, continuing my discussion about prevention is better than cure I would like to mention here an alarming report by a group of scientists who were on the job of finding reasons for the so called global warming. The group of scientists who worked on this project which is known as “Kyoto Protocol” came out with a list of reasons for global warming. The list contains various known human activities which are directly responsible for increase in ambient temperature. According to a well-known social activist from India Mr, Rajiv Dixit, the Protocol came to a definite conclusion that unhealthy life styles adopted by human being are also responsible for global warming apart from carbon burning. According the study report, meat eating or non vegetarian food habit practiced by human being all over the world played an important role in global warming as well as polluting all components of our biosphere. After attending the summit on climatic change, Mr. Jayaram Ramesh, minister of state for environment and forest, Government of India, released a press statement that humans diet of cow and pig meats are also contributes to its share for global warming and pollution. I feel when our unnatural activity of eating non vegetarian food is capable of making dents to environmental health, how our body will be spared where the activity is taking place? As we human are herbivores and eating non vegetarian food against Nature and our body nature is bound to produce negative energy which is harmful to our body as well as environment. I think the time has come for us to make changes to our existing life style slowly and steadily so as to give a chance to our future generations to lead a healthy life. I wonder among millions of organisms present in nature why only human beings are suffering from different types of diseases?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Prevention is better than cure: Part -3

He friends, Because of the tight schedule of my professional activities I am still not finding enough time to enjoy my most favorite hobby – blogging. I like to enter my friends sites and leave my mark there as a proof of my visit. Like all other bloggers, I also want to see more number of visitors to my site and to make it happen every day; I need to write some thing special. Today I have made up my mind to write a post about health and I want to type my learning in SSY classes and camps. As I have mentioned in my earlier post Spiritual practice and food, food plays a very important role as far as leading a healthy life is concerned. My Guruji’s argument about food was very special and he used to give scientific explanations to these arguments. Rishi Prabhakar says, there are millions of living organisms in this biosphere and nature has provided a specific type of food for each organism. A herbivore creature either very strong like an elephant or a very tiny one, both will stick only to vegetarian food and a carnivore creature will eat only meat of other creatures. Internal as well as external parts of the body of these organisms are helping to collect their food and digest them properly and convert to useful calories. Digestive parts of an herbivore are different from that of a carnivore and length of intestine varies from species to species. According to scientists, we human are herbivore mammals and our digestive system including intestine is fit for vegetarian food and any deviation in selection of food may not be a wise idea. He says, compared to various creatures of this biosphere only human are prone to different type of diseases and selection of wrong food is the main reason for this development. Because of food habits which are against to our body nature we are inviting trouble for us in the form of killer diseases and we are spending most of our energy in fighting these self invited enemies. Then how to prevent these diseases from occurring? My teacher declares, going to Nature and living green is the only option through which we can live happily like other species of our planet. Since our body design is made for vegetarian food, we need to eat mainly vegetarian, preferably raw. Rishi Prabhakar has proved beyond doubt many a times through his yoga classes and sessions that one can lead a happy, disease free life following vegetarian food habits and changing life style. One of the most powerful animals in the earth is elephant and it eats only vegetarian food and from this example we can learn that -if you eat what you are suppose to eat and able to digest what you ate, you can remain as fit as an elephant. Like human beings what will happen to an elephant if it eats meat of some other animal?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prevention is better than cure: Part -2

Hi friends, continuing my discussion about health, I would like to memorize gist of teachings of my Guruji Rishi Prabhakar which are directed towards human health. I will utilize this opportunity to give a brief introduction of my teacher. Born in southern part of India, Prabhakar popularly known as Rishi Prabhakar is a well educated person having degrees in various disciplines including Engineering degree from Bangalore University, Engineering Master Degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and MBA Degree from University of Western Ontario. After spending few years of his life in Canada, he returned to his mother land stayed in isolation for few years experimenting on various yoga combination and food on his own body. After getting convinced about benefits of his teaching which he was about to spread to his fellow human beings, he established SSY and I am very proud to say that millions of people are benefited from his teachings on both spiritual as well as health front all over the world. Since he was basically a scientist, he gave scientific reasoning for his teachings and processes which are part and parcel of his yoga secessions. A 15 minutes meditation taught by Guruji is not only a stepping stone for higher consciousness but a ladder to reach a non problem state. Guruji says that to be joyous within oneself is every one's birth-right. Though the mediation we practice in SSY is only for 15 minutes, it creates miracle on the practitioner’s body and mind. According to Guruji, nature of food to body and mind are the two main factors which influences our overall health and if you want to be free of any diseases including physical and mental health, you need to be selective in these matters. He practices what he preaches and sets example for his followers. His life is a guide to lead a disease free happy life and SSY teachings if followed holistically, one can live longer and enjoy materialistic life or spiritual life as per his leanings. He emphasizes the importance of eating raw food and other vegetarian food and according to him, we humans are herbivorous mammals and our only food is vegetarian. He says any compromise in this matter is foolish as far as overall wellness is concerned. I have already dealt with this important subject in my blog post spiritual practice and food. My Guruji says, regular meditation for 15 minutes 3 times a day combined with yoga practice (breathing exercise and physical exercise) and vegetarian food preferably larger portion of raw food will keep you away from any sort of pain( both physical and mental).

Hi friends, we can prevent any type of disease, common or killer by following the path shown by Rishi Prabhakar.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prevention is better than cure: Part -1

Hi friends, after attempting few posts about environmental and financial health I want to move to the field of human health and create a blog post on how to prevent chronic ailments. As I have mentioned in my recent post, I am serving in an organization with strong fundamentals on all aspects of Industrial activities and they give utmost care to employee wellness. In addition to all sort of medical facilities and financial help to meet additional expenses, my organization tries to bring health awareness among its employees through e-magazines and this blog post is inspired by one such magazine which is distributed to us through our company website. According to the definition published by the World health Organization, the concept of health is very broad comprising of all three aspects of wellness of human life including physical, mental, and social. According to the oldest treatment system of the world Ayurveda, mental health and physical health are two sides of a coin and you cannot enjoy one without other. As Swamy Vivekananda declared one cannot have a healthy mind in a weak body, we need to focus on both fronts to remain healthy and enjoy our life to its full extent. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension are the most common ailments and they become life threatening if neglected for a longer period. Though all these problems are considered as physical ailments, they are directly connected our mental health and we need to give enough attention to our mental health to keep our self away from the so called killer diseases. As we all know, prevention is better than cure and I think this proverb is more relevant to the present world than ever simply because majority of us cannot afford the expenses of treating such diseases. According to Ayurveda, food plays an important role in maintaining our mental health and mental health plays more important role in maintaining your physical health. All the above said ailments are not appearing suddenly and it is a gradual build up because of our modern life style, as well as unscientific and unhealthy food selection. Another major contributor is the work environment stress and you need to find ways to cope up with this unavoidable situation. I am a member of Siddha Samadhi Yoga and some of the guidelines given by my Guru, Rishi Prabhakar are very helpful in achieving the overall human health with respect to the definition given by the WHO. I will put a break to this post and continue it tomorrow.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Be loyal to Mother Nature

Hi friends, I am serving in a blue-chip Indian manufacturing industry and I am very proud to be part of this organization for many reasons. We Indians are emotionally get attached to anything we are associated with and as far as employee employers relationship is concerned it is treated just not a contract but as a sweet responsibility given to the employee by the employer. An employee will always try his level best to please his employer and remain loyal to his organization during his service. I am also one such employee and all these years of years of service I worked at various positions with all humbleness and loyalty. My organization is one of the main pillars of Indian Industries with strong fundamentals and I am really liked the long sighted approach of my business leaders during the recent economic turbulence. In spite of having vast reserve resources, Chairman of our organization advised all his managers and officers to cut expenditure wherever possible and spend every dollar as is it is your last one. To keep the financial health of the organization intact and sustain the achieved growth, each and every one of us has supplemented his emergency measures. We have sacrificed many comforts of industrial life and successfully met the challenges of recession without any hiccups. We have minimized usage of oil run vehicles, electricity, water, air-conditioners and so on which not only helped my organization to improve productivity but helped our environment. By minimizing usage of oil and other fuels we have reduced our share of green house gas generation which is one of the positive aspects of economic recession. Similar precautionary steps were taken by majority of industrial houses in India and survived the turbulence appeared on the economic front. When we can scarifies some of our basic comforts and make changes in our life style for many months to maintain the financial health of our organization, why can’t we scarifies some more for maintaining the health of our environment and save our planet from environmental disasters ? I have discussed positive aspects of bad economy with respect to environment in my blog post Bad economy- good for future generation published many months ago. I believe, the time has come for us to think and act in the direction of using renewable energies available in nature freely and put a break to fossil fuel usage. We try to remain loyal to very thing but why not to Mother Nature?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Unknown helping hands!

Hi friends, in my yesterday’s blog post I have mentioned about the possible disasters of the cyclone which was about to hit Indian costs last night. As per the calculation of meteorological department personnel, cyclone was moving at a speed of more than 250 kilometers per hour and there were no signs of its weakening. As I mentioned in my post, all fingers were crossed from laymen to scientists and as a precautionary measure whole Mumbai was kept under the control of army men to cope up with emergency situations. All schools, colleges, offices, industrial establishments were closed and people were asked to stay in their homes during danger period. The last of the 50 over one day international cricket match of the ongoing series between India and Australia was suspended in advance. All activities in and around Mumbai became standstill and angry Mother Nature was about to punish her children mercilessly. But as time passed, for everybody’s surprise the speed of the wind on the Arabian Sea has slowly weakened and the cyclone moved away from Mumbai shore with lesser and lesser velocity. People enjoyed the pleasure of shower in a holiday mood. How people miraculously escaped from the nature’s wrath? I believe, though we have not shown any mercy towards the nature during all these years of its exploitation, there is an unknown and unseen force which is showing mercy on us every now and then, minimize our agony. There are many such incidents which are happening in this world in which we have miraculously escaped and nobody could give suitable and satisfactory scientific explanations for those sudden developments. According to our scientists, our planet is not far away from environmental disaster which may end up with the extinction of life on the Earth. But I believe , again we will be saved by those unknown helping hands for which we may fail to find scientific answers.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are we heading towards mass suicide?

Hi friends, today while browsing different websites, I got access to a widget “Save the planet” on and without any second thought I have placed it at the left top my blog. Since, the subject of environment protection is very close to my heart, I always look for opportunities to contribute my share towards greater cause of protection of Mother Nature. In spite of our knowledge about its consequences, we have collectively exploited and enjoyed the abundance of nature through all possible means and our chosen self destruction path has taken us to a position from where it is difficult to return. Mother Nature which was observing the assault by us like a mute spectator for centuries has started reacting and now it is our turn to pay heavily for our misdeeds. As per the Newton’s theory, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and all our reactions with respect to environment exploitation are resulting in environmental disaster. I feel, live and let live concept is practiced by all species in our biosphere but we human are one such selfish species which neither believes nor follows it. Today while I am writing this post, my fellow countrymen at Mumbai are spending sleepless night because a low pressure is built on the middle of Arabian Sea and any moment a cyclone is expected to hit this costal area. The horrible memories of Tsunami which killed thousands of people are still fresh on these people’s mind and all fingers are crossed about the possible impact of this cyclone. Every now and then, one part of the world or the other is passing through such sudden natural calamities which are well beyond human control and as per study reports climatic changes are responsible for these things. We have burnt count less quantities of fossil fuels and we are experiencing its opposite reaction in the form of green house gases like carbon dioxide which are trapping the heat from the Sun absorbed by the Earth. With every passing days and years, global average ambient temperature is going up and ice which is lying on glaciers for million years has stated melting slowly and steadily. With this irreversible phenomenon, there is a raise in sea levels and according to experts; at this rate of ice melting most of the land on earth will be covered by sea water within few decades. We human beings are so powerful that we could even make holes in the ozone layers which are protecting life on earth from dangerous cosmic rays. Each and every component of our biosphere is polluted by human activities and I believe our coming generations have to pay heavily for it. I am an optimistic man and believe that by a combined effort by all people we can put a break to the increasing trend of global temperature.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Reasons for economic recession

Hi friends, after suffering for many months, we are slowly coming out from the self created economic mess but the reasons for the occurrence of recession is still a matter of debate. I have gone through many articles available on line about this unprecedented universal phenomenon but my confusion and doubts are still unanswered. I believe our quest for rapid growth is one of the major contributing factors for the recent bad phase in the world economic performance in general and America in particular. I have published a post about the misuse of credit cards few days back and no body can deny the fact that credit cards culture was also responsible for the recession. Apart from this, releasing home loans or property loans on easy terms has shaken the pillars of economy even in mighty economic countries like America. As I have understood from the articles, high inflation is the root cause of economic recession and unless the economists who are guiding the Government in financial matters suggest timely corrective and preventive actions, inflation may end up with recession. Impact of inflation will be felt by consumers when they go for shopping where they will have to spend more than usual. In other words, you can see a decline in purchasing capacity of currency and either you need to spend more money for buying a particular product or buy lesser quantity to maintain your monthly budget. If the inflation rate remains high for longer period, more and more people are forced to bring down their buying quantities. I think, this is the first step of recession. When people think twice to spend a dollar even for day to day usable products, economic activity starts declining and we are entering a phase where supply will be more than demand. At this stage, manufactures are forced to reduce their normal production and subsequently start using lesser man power by laying off remaining people. As income opportunities are becoming lesser and lesser, people who have taken loans from banks and other lenders including through credit cards, find it difficult to pay the monthly installments. I heard that, some people have taken home loans from more than one banks for the same house and such people lost their home within few months. The sad part of the whole story was that, in some cases as many as ten loans were obtained from different financiers for a single property and I am still unable to digest this news. Financiers who have liberally distributed loans without proper scrutiny have become bankrupt and stooped their activities. This is one of the reasons for the closure of many financial institutions during the recession period in different parts of the world. Millions of house owners who were enjoying home loans have become homeless because of their inability to pay back the loan amount and its interest. There are many other smaller reasons which are contributing to the recessions and I will try to analyze them on my own way in the coming days.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Selfless service to mother land

Hi friends, the following article is written by me to publish on our newly launched family site Kasaragod kamaths about my father Late Sri. Devadasa Kamath. Though I am not directly involved in this website, I contribute a little through my articles. I feel proud to post it here before publishing it on my family site.

Kasargod is a beautiful place situated on the northern end of Kerala State which was the centre stage of many political activities for many decades. Gowda Saraswath Brahmin or GSB was a prominent community in this area and most of the members of this affluent section of society were patriotic in nature and even this statement holds good for the present generation also. Members of GSB community never lagged behind in any social and religious activities which were initiated for the betterment of society and when Mahatma Gandhi gave a nationwide call for freedom struggle through non violence means, large number of GSB members jumped in to the fray without any second thoughts.

Kasaragod kamaths was a one of the few respected families of GSB community and many of these family members took active role in the freedom struggle and Late Sri. Devadasa Kamath was one among them. Born on 15.07.1919,to Sri. Krishna Kamath and Smt Pandhari Bai, he discontinued his school education after passing 8th standard and started his own business to give financial support to his parents. The period between1930 to 1942 was very important as far as freedom movement in Kasaragod was concerned and under the leadership and guidance of Moodubidire Umesh Rao, many youngsters participated in each and every activity which was aimed to release Mother Land from the clutches of foreigners. In the initial stages, young Devadas was observing all the injustices done towards his fellow countrymen as a mute spectator due to his family problems but could not resist for longer time and became part and parcel of freedom movement and turned a close associate of Umesh Rao. In 1932, he participated in forest movement, followed by famous quit India movement and jailed and suffered imprisonment at famous Bellary Jail for about a year from 06.10.1942 to 21.08.1943. Even after his release from jail, he continued his activities till we got independence. He was honored by Govt of India by “Tamra Patra”. As a testimony to his selfless service to his mother land, he has donated all the

land received from the Government to Acharya Vinobha Bave’s social cause Sarvodaya. Even he was reluctant to receive monthly pension meant for political sufferers for about 5 years and only when he faced financial problem because of ill health he opted for it.

He was a staunch follower of Mahatma and never stopped using khadi cloths till his last breath. His belief on his favorite deities Lord Venkateshwara and Ganesha was his main strength and his STRONG WILL POWER helped him to pass many difficult hurdles of life. He was running a groceries shop at Badiyadka for many years but since he was not ready to compromise on his values he never succeeded in his business. He served in M/s K V N Shenoy and company, a private firm for few years after winding up his business. His wife Smt. Sathyabhama Bai was from a near by place Nilleshwar and he was having four sons. The greatest tragedy of his life was his eldest son Sathish Kamth’s death at a very young age. Other sons are Trivikram a bank employee, Panduranga an employee of Aditya Birla Group and Damodar, working in a finance company. After living a purposeful life, Devadas Kamath left this world on 08.03.1991. On 12.12.2001, his wife Satyabhama also followed him.