Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prevention is better than cure: Part -1

Hi friends, after attempting few posts about environmental and financial health I want to move to the field of human health and create a blog post on how to prevent chronic ailments. As I have mentioned in my recent post, I am serving in an organization with strong fundamentals on all aspects of Industrial activities and they give utmost care to employee wellness. In addition to all sort of medical facilities and financial help to meet additional expenses, my organization tries to bring health awareness among its employees through e-magazines and this blog post is inspired by one such magazine which is distributed to us through our company website. According to the definition published by the World health Organization, the concept of health is very broad comprising of all three aspects of wellness of human life including physical, mental, and social. According to the oldest treatment system of the world Ayurveda, mental health and physical health are two sides of a coin and you cannot enjoy one without other. As Swamy Vivekananda declared one cannot have a healthy mind in a weak body, we need to focus on both fronts to remain healthy and enjoy our life to its full extent. Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension are the most common ailments and they become life threatening if neglected for a longer period. Though all these problems are considered as physical ailments, they are directly connected our mental health and we need to give enough attention to our mental health to keep our self away from the so called killer diseases. As we all know, prevention is better than cure and I think this proverb is more relevant to the present world than ever simply because majority of us cannot afford the expenses of treating such diseases. According to Ayurveda, food plays an important role in maintaining our mental health and mental health plays more important role in maintaining your physical health. All the above said ailments are not appearing suddenly and it is a gradual build up because of our modern life style, as well as unscientific and unhealthy food selection. Another major contributor is the work environment stress and you need to find ways to cope up with this unavoidable situation. I am a member of Siddha Samadhi Yoga and some of the guidelines given by my Guru, Rishi Prabhakar are very helpful in achieving the overall human health with respect to the definition given by the WHO. I will put a break to this post and continue it tomorrow.


LIFE Moto said...

i agree with you. that is why more people become conscious about their health and turn to alternative medicine. Specially with anti oxidant and food supplements.

MommaWannabe said...

% agree with you that it's better to prevent getting sick than curing it.

I try to live my life as health as I can. I eat vegetable and fruits often.

Great blog you have here...can we xchange links?