Friday, February 19, 2010

We will save the Earth!

Hi friends, I am born and brought up in a traditional Hindu family and there are many rituals and routines which are practiced in my home as well as in millions of Indian homes since centuries which I want to discuss here in detail. From early morning to night till we go to bed, various rituals are observed and I believe each one of them add value to our life. These practices are not only means to keep our self healthy and wealthy but allow us travel in a path which may take us nearer to the supreme power which is omnipotent and omniscient. Though these rituals are part and parcel of our life in India and we do practice them holistically, some of us may fail to answer the question - Why you do this?

So, I will answer these questions as posts in my blog and I am proud to do this. We are hearing stories of end of the world in near future (preciously in the year 2012) and the justification given by the propagators of these stories. But I believe the spiritual activities which we practices in our day to day life generate positive energy and spread it in all directions and nullifies the negative energy which otherwise can create havoc. As we all know mass prayer can create miracle in a given day, similarly millions of people practicing spiritual rituals selflessly and silently are adding positive energy to the world and making it safer. After the disastrous Indian Ocean earth quake or Tsunami in the year 2004, there was a meteorological prediction about occurrence of another tsunami in southern part of India and some seashore were isolated as a safety measure. Sea level was rising with violent waves. Under such uncertain conditions, thousands of people gathered on the sea shore of a south Indian village and started chanting “Gayatri mantra” a powerful vedic chant. After few hours of non stop chanting, the sea started showing kindness towards the people who gathered there where as it took more time to recede in other parts. Those people who propagate and justifies the so called 2012 world disaster may become a laughing stock after December 2012. I believe, as long as Indian spiritual power is intact, our world is safe and according to Hindu religious books, our earth will be free of any major disaster for another million years. Indians can save the Earth from disaster through their spiritual activities.

My next post will be about answering the question- why do we light a lamp in our home?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Travelling to Pandora planet

Hi friends, due to personal reasons I am unable to devote minimum time for my blogging activities. Presently I am in Bangalore which is about 300 kilo meter from my place and writing this post as I got some free time. The topic of this post is a movie Avatar- 3D version which I saw yesterday with my son who is working in a software company and I really astonished to see the creativity of the director James Cameron who has took us to the world famous Titanic ship disaster few years ago. I congratulate the whole team of Avatar under the leadership of James Cameron who made us to travel to an imaginary planet Pandora and live dangerously with Nevi tribe along with peculiar animals, birds, flowers and gigantic trees. I think combination of imaginary power of a genius mind and technology is at its peak in this movie. The purpose of writing this post is to share my feelings with my friends and this is not a paid add. I feel I may remember each and every part of this movie for many years.