Saturday, February 6, 2010

Travelling to Pandora planet

Hi friends, due to personal reasons I am unable to devote minimum time for my blogging activities. Presently I am in Bangalore which is about 300 kilo meter from my place and writing this post as I got some free time. The topic of this post is a movie Avatar- 3D version which I saw yesterday with my son who is working in a software company and I really astonished to see the creativity of the director James Cameron who has took us to the world famous Titanic ship disaster few years ago. I congratulate the whole team of Avatar under the leadership of James Cameron who made us to travel to an imaginary planet Pandora and live dangerously with Nevi tribe along with peculiar animals, birds, flowers and gigantic trees. I think combination of imaginary power of a genius mind and technology is at its peak in this movie. The purpose of writing this post is to share my feelings with my friends and this is not a paid add. I feel I may remember each and every part of this movie for many years.


Ira said...

Avatar is a verry swell good movie! I also love it soo much. Thoug its story line is so-so and quite alike Pocahontas' story, It still can't be outdone by the amazing graphics of the movie.

Jeevan Krishnakumar said...

Hi...i loved the movie not only for the amazing graphic but also for the fact that how it effectively reminded us all how beautiful our own world is by creating Pandora

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