Thursday, April 21, 2011

Significance of Earth day!

Hi friends, people all over the world who are concerned about the deteriorating condition of our Earth celebrate Earth day with heavy heart and use this occasion as an opportunity to spread awareness in different ways. The first ever Earth day was celebrated way back on 22nd April 1970 in USA and now in as many as 175 countries it is celebrated. I feel we have exploited the environment to maximum extent and not spared any component of our biosphere. Then what we are celebrating on 22nd of April every year? Are we celebrating our achievement in environment protection which is very negligible compared to its day to day exploitation? Is there any improvement in the health of environment from previous years Earth day to next years one? Some scientists warn us about the immediate environment disasters and we are feeling the heat slowly. If all the predictions about large scale environment disasters come true, then we may hardly celebrate next year’s Earth day. But I am an optimistic person and believe that Mother Nature will give us another chance to correct our self. I whole heartedly appreciate the efforts of millions of people who make effort to keep our earth in a healthy condition throughout the year and celebrate Earth day as a stock taking activity.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking for a handy hand set?

Hi friends, I always felt the present generation is a blessed one as far as modes of communication are concerned which are available to them easily. When I bought my first mobile hand set it was a mere phone with few kilobytes of in-built memory and it was capable of storing only 30 messages and few contact numbers. I never thought things will change so quickly and the technological revolution in the field of mobile hand sets has brought out verities of models with unlimited user-friendly aspects.

There are few maters in the field of mobile hand set manufacturing and I found Nokia sets are very easy to operate and they are available in different price ranges. Nokia is house hold name in India and nokia phones india are very popular and people are mainly recognizing Nokia with mobile hand sets especially our crazy younger generation. Ten years back I was enjoying with my Nokia 3300 and now I am a proud owner of Nokia express music 5800 with 8 GB memory.

It is time to make life more colorful with latest models of hand set which support 3G and I am again looking at my buying guide which makes my selection process easy and helps me to decide which hand set is best for me. is an online portal with rich information about various products by major producers and I am happy that it guides me to reliable shop to do my shopping. The mobile phone section here is really a great source of product information and even a lay man who does not have little knowledge can decide a best hand set for satisfying his needs.