Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu

I wish Merry Christmas and Happy New year to all blogger friends from all over the World.  I take this opportunity to discuss about a vedic shloka (verse) which is sung at the end of all Hindu rituals and prayers. Om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu.This shloka is very close to my heart and I never miss to invocate this verse at the end of my daily prayer. The literary meaning of this verse is "May all the beings in all the worlds become happy and peace there everywhere", it may look very simple but the concept behind this invocation is very significant looking at the complexity of our Universe. Our ancestors ( Rishis & munis) were very knowledgeable in all aspects and they proved what Lord Sri Krishna said in the holy Bhagavad-Gita,  that is Jnana (knowledge) is supreme. Though it is always true that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, our Rishis and munish developed a strong additional energy field by developing a positive mindset and performing vedic rituals. They used shlokas as positive affirmations, were able to manifest and achieve positive changes in the universe. The best example is the creation of a new world by Vishwamitra Mahrashi by his mental power which is mentioned in one of our epics. The knowledge gathered by rishis through their spiritual activities made them to realize that the entire creation is one entity. They realized that in a family only one member cannot be happy if others are not so and they applied this theory to each and every component of this creation. Negative energy created in one part of the world is going to affect other parts also. Since ignorant people are bound to produce negative energy, our rishis came out with sustainable solutions to nullify it through daily rituals like, Yajna, yaga, homa, paryers with positive affirmations etc. The importance of environment protection is emphasized in all our rituals and even in Bhagavad-Gita Lord himself talked at it. I have bloged about saving this earth through Indian rituals and routines in my older posts like we-will-save-earth. The invocation of the shloka Om lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu is aimed at keeping the whole creation of God in a healthy condition and I think chanting it by millions of people with positive frame of mind is going to do so. It is also time to pray Lord Jesus to make us knowledgeable. Lord Jesus showed mercy on us and showed the importance of scarifies by example.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Life is short, just go for it.

Hi friends, much water has flown down the River Tungabhadra since my last blog post. In spite of my repeated attempts I could not write anything for the last 3 months and here a fresh attempt to do so. After surgery for the removal of GIST, my general health condition is not satisfactory because of the side effects of the medications which are prescribed to me. I felt I am becoming weak both physically as well as mentally and decided to wage a war against these enemies on my own.  The strong medicine for gist Imatinib is creating access acid in my stomach and day by day it is becoming a nuisance for me. Also, the increased level of blood cholesterol especially triglyceride is a major concern for me. So I thought, instead of taking one more medicine for reducing the acidity and gastric formation, I have decided to go for a water therapy. Two days ago on my birthday, I made my first ever birthday resolution to remain healthy in all respects and decided to motivate people around me to do so. Decided to find ways to make people happy who are around me at least for a brief period. Today is the 5th day of water therapy and I got some relief from gastric problem. For the benefit of my friends I am giving the details of therapy along with its benefits. This water therapy is widely circulated via emails/blog posts and I also got it from one of my friends. It is mentioned in the e mail that this therapy belongs to Dr.Mahmoud Hussain of IBN Sina Company.

Therapy procedure:
Drink 1.5 liters of water daily in the morning before brushing or mouth wash. Whatever left in side the mouth should go to your stomach along with water.
Don’t consume anything one hour before and after therapy including liquids.
Boiled and filter water is preferable for therapy.
After one hour you may take your regular food, nothing is mentioned about it.

It is mentioned in the mail that the following diseases can be cured by following this therapy holistically
Hyper tension, Anemia, Rheumatism, paralysis, obesity, arthritis, sinusitis, tachycardia, giddiness, cough, leukemia, asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, meningitis, kidney stone, urogenital diseases, hyper acidity, dysentery, gastroenteritis, uterus cancer, ractal piodapse,  constipation, hostorthobics, diabetes, eye diseases, irregular menstruation, breast cancer, laryngitis, head ache and leukemia.
It is mentioned that, by following this therapy chronic illnesses like cancer and tuberculosis can be cured within few months.  I will practice this therapy for few months and give my honest feed back to all my online friends and visitors.

Life is short, just go for it.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

A blessing in disguise!

Hi friends, at last Google has updated page rank list and it is not good news for me. My page rank which was 4 for about 2 years has gone down by one number. Since six months my blogging activities were almost nil because of my ill health (I was operated for gist removal) and I was expecting reduced page rank at least by one. Even after complete recovery from the illness I failed to update my blog at least once in a fortnight. I cannot expect traffic to my site or expect to get a higher page rank unless I fulfill the basic conditions of blogging like posting good contents regularly and visiting my friend’s pages. I paid heavily for my laziness but I count it as a blessing in disguise for my blog. I take this opportunity to say sorry to my visitors for my inaction and promise to blog with valuable contents.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Exhibiting excellence…….

Hi friends, there was a time when benefits of technology were enjoyed only by elite sections of society especially in our country and for rest of our countrymen they were sour grapes. The introduction of computer and internet technologies have laid foundations to number of developments in electronic field and resulted in the birth of various gadgets which are useful for human beings in one way or the other. Some people use electronic gadgets for business purpose where as many people use them for personal enjoyment. I lived in an era where land line telephone was the only communication link and transistor radio was an enjoyment means. In spite of limited financial resources majority of Indian house hold owned a radio and people were taking its advantage to maximum extent.
Many years latter, when television networking was permitted in India, having a TV set became a top priority for us and I heard that even a person living in a jopadpatti or hut was enjoying program on his own TV set. I feel the time has come to reap rich harvest from the ongoing technological revolution and we Indians are in a better financial position to catch the speed of growth in this field. As far as gadgets are concerned, mobile phones are widely used in our country both for communication purpose and enjoyment. Mobile hand sets have become a part and parcel of our life and some body rightly mentioned that it has become an additional organ for us. Our craze for electronic gadgets has attracted major multinational electronic giants and some of them became house hold names in India.
Like my fellow countrymen I also became electronic gadget savvy as far its usage is concerned and time to time adopted all available electronic aids to make my life easier and thrilling. Since change is the law of nature, I also changed my priorities and brands as far as owning gadgets are concerned, but I cannot forget the enjoyment I got from my transistor set. Murphy and Philips are replaced by Dell, Samsung, HCL and many more and now I realized that my life will be incomplete without my gadgets. When I am at home, most of the time I will be in front of my PC where as my Nokia 5800 express music mobile phone hand set will be always with me where ever I go. Whenever I purchase a consumer product I prefer to go for branded products simply because they work to my expectations and give me post purchase satisfaction. Though I never use Laptop for my personal work at home or official work in my office, my son who is a software engineer compelled me to buy one and now I have a Dell laptop will best configurations in my home.
I wrote this blog post for a contest “change is easy” at Indiblogger conducted by Dell, which is the most popular brand in laptops in India. Answering the question for the contest, “do your gadgets reflect your personality in any way?” I always try to exhibit excellence in all my activities and I feel the present day gadgets are very helpful for me to do so. 

Ramadan presents the opportunity to reap rewards, as well as strengthen our faith through various disciplines, which, in themselves, teach us invaluable lessons. Muslim Aid encourages all to share Ramadan celebrations with those less fortunate.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Significance of Earth day!

Hi friends, people all over the world who are concerned about the deteriorating condition of our Earth celebrate Earth day with heavy heart and use this occasion as an opportunity to spread awareness in different ways. The first ever Earth day was celebrated way back on 22nd April 1970 in USA and now in as many as 175 countries it is celebrated. I feel we have exploited the environment to maximum extent and not spared any component of our biosphere. Then what we are celebrating on 22nd of April every year? Are we celebrating our achievement in environment protection which is very negligible compared to its day to day exploitation? Is there any improvement in the health of environment from previous years Earth day to next years one? Some scientists warn us about the immediate environment disasters and we are feeling the heat slowly. If all the predictions about large scale environment disasters come true, then we may hardly celebrate next year’s Earth day. But I am an optimistic person and believe that Mother Nature will give us another chance to correct our self. I whole heartedly appreciate the efforts of millions of people who make effort to keep our earth in a healthy condition throughout the year and celebrate Earth day as a stock taking activity.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Looking for a handy hand set?

Hi friends, I always felt the present generation is a blessed one as far as modes of communication are concerned which are available to them easily. When I bought my first mobile hand set it was a mere phone with few kilobytes of in-built memory and it was capable of storing only 30 messages and few contact numbers. I never thought things will change so quickly and the technological revolution in the field of mobile hand sets has brought out verities of models with unlimited user-friendly aspects.

There are few maters in the field of mobile hand set manufacturing and I found Nokia sets are very easy to operate and they are available in different price ranges. Nokia is house hold name in India and nokia phones india are very popular and people are mainly recognizing Nokia with mobile hand sets especially our crazy younger generation. Ten years back I was enjoying with my Nokia 3300 and now I am a proud owner of Nokia express music 5800 with 8 GB memory.

It is time to make life more colorful with latest models of hand set which support 3G and I am again looking at my buying guide which makes my selection process easy and helps me to decide which hand set is best for me. is an online portal with rich information about various products by major producers and I am happy that it guides me to reliable shop to do my shopping. The mobile phone section here is really a great source of product information and even a lay man who does not have little knowledge can decide a best hand set for satisfying his needs.

Friday, March 11, 2011

My buying guide!

Hi friends, our day to day activities keep us very busy and I find it is very difficult to spare some extra time to go round the shopping complexes to make a best buying. I always wanted to make a smart buying by comparing all aspects of product especially electronic items but most of the time failed because of lack proper guidance. But now I find it easy to do shopping from my comfort zone by visiting online shops and for expert buying advice and reliable online shops I always look at “consumer mate”. helps me to get all product information about different categories including laptops, mobiles, LCD and Plasma TVs, digital cameras and camcorders, I can compare a product with respect to quality aspects as well as price range. ”. guides me to reliable online shops with whom it has got tie ups.

If you are interested in knowing all brands of mp3 players india, visit consumer mate where you will have information about 250 MP3 players marketed in India produced by branded companies. Tablet Personal computers are becoming popular among younger generation and if you want to find and compare performance of different Tablet India, consumer mate will provide you all necessary information.

Every now and then Consumer mate is coming out with different contests involving product users and this time again it is launching an online contest --> in which product users can write their experience as reviews on certain products and win prizes.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Few days in hospital!

Hi friends, I was away from blogging activities since January -2011 and my last blog post was published on 17th of December last year. During a routine health check up, a gastrointestinal stromal tumor (gist) was detected in side my abdomen and subsequently I underwent a major surgery at KMC Hospital- Mangalore. Still I wonder how I became a victim of this dangerous disease in spite of practicing a disciplined food habit and a decent life style. This sudden development kept me away from my professional duties as well as personal hobbies for about 45 days and now I am happy to receive green signal from my doctor to carryout my normal day to day activities. Thanks to the latest technologies and medications, the surgery was virtually painless and kept me in a joyful mood till I was in the hospital. I want to use this blog post to express my sincere gratitude to some doctors and few of my relatives who helped me during these days. My niece Nivedita Kamath, wife Shobha, son Vinayak, dil Varsha, bother K T Kamath, sister Chandrakala Shenoy tried to keep me comfortable all the time at the cost of their comfort and I think I am a blessed person to have such nice people in my life. I can’t put an end to this blog post without mentioning the help of talented doctors like Jayaram Shenoy and Krishna Prasad who are masters in their field. I pray Almighty God to keep all these people always happy so that they can bring smile on others life.