Thursday, March 10, 2011

Few days in hospital!

Hi friends, I was away from blogging activities since January -2011 and my last blog post was published on 17th of December last year. During a routine health check up, a gastrointestinal stromal tumor (gist) was detected in side my abdomen and subsequently I underwent a major surgery at KMC Hospital- Mangalore. Still I wonder how I became a victim of this dangerous disease in spite of practicing a disciplined food habit and a decent life style. This sudden development kept me away from my professional duties as well as personal hobbies for about 45 days and now I am happy to receive green signal from my doctor to carryout my normal day to day activities. Thanks to the latest technologies and medications, the surgery was virtually painless and kept me in a joyful mood till I was in the hospital. I want to use this blog post to express my sincere gratitude to some doctors and few of my relatives who helped me during these days. My niece Nivedita Kamath, wife Shobha, son Vinayak, dil Varsha, bother K T Kamath, sister Chandrakala Shenoy tried to keep me comfortable all the time at the cost of their comfort and I think I am a blessed person to have such nice people in my life. I can’t put an end to this blog post without mentioning the help of talented doctors like Jayaram Shenoy and Krishna Prasad who are masters in their field. I pray Almighty God to keep all these people always happy so that they can bring smile on others life.


LOL33 said...

I am just wondering what sympthoms did you have? I have had stomach issues for the last 15 years and I am on Motilium for the last 12 years or so. I always have this fear inside me - is there somthing wrong with my stomach? I fear to end up in a similar situation like you did. Can you please advise?
Thank you

Thendral said...

I am glad you recovered. Take care.

pdkamath said...

Hi Lol33, except gastric problem I did not have any symptoms of gist like omitting, bleeding through motion, stomach pain and it was detected during a routine medical check up. Your doubt if any can be addressed simply with a scanning. Hope nothing is wrong in your stomach.

Always Happy said...

Dear Kamath Sir,

Sorry to hear of your illness but I am pleased to know that you are doing fine now.

God is great and I hope he showers all of us with good health always.

Always Happy

Badri said...

I am happy that you are now alright Kamath.

Anonymous said...

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