Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hidden Profile

Hi friends, today being Sunday and off day for me from my routine work, I was going through my friends orkut profiles. Among them I found the profile page of Krishna Prasad Ekbote very meaningful and would like to share here.Link to this page is :Krishnaprasad Ekbote(KP) .This profile page is something unique where we can read quotes from Great Souls of all the times. When our day to day activities drain all our physical energy, results in mental strain, then going through such quotes may give us some relief; we can guide our self on a better path. Quotes are so powerful; even they can win wars. These quotes are nothing but soul searching tools for us. Many a times one may feel he is good for nothing, getting frustrated about him self , looking at others success with jealousy, then here is a quote in this profile by Swami Vivekananda - "Each soul is potentially divine" . Similarly when we become arrogant, start to ignore others there is one quote by Jesus Christ - "He who would know everything, but fails to know himself misses the knowledge of everything."

Thanks to Krishna Prasad Ekbote and I am proud of him. What about you?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Has my blog lost its direction?

My first blog was an unexpected creation when my friend came to my place after a gap of about twenty five years. Till then my knowledge about blogging was a big zero. He is Rangan Badri, associate of Malathy Badri, professional blogger from Chennai, India. He bought a web page for me, created a blog and put foundation for “kamath’s paradise” on 27th of last month. Now my blog is one month old. It has started its journey under the guidance of Rangan. Slowly it is walking now, murmuring some words , trying to pock its nose every where, it likes to wear costumes, wants to be identified with top blog, day by day it is becoming more and more ambitious . It wants to be in every blog community though its experience is negligible. Every now and then it is looking at Rangan for every step it takes. It can’t speak properly but it wants to sing now itself. But who will listen to its music? Moreover it is becoming greedy, looking for making money!
Some times I feel whether my blog has lost its direction and forgotten its mission?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Hi friends, I would like to share with you this story which I received from my friend. This story touched my heart; I hope your feelings may not be different from mine.

A story is told about a soldier who was finally coming home after having fought in Vietnam. He called his parents from San Francisco
Mom and Dad, I'm coming home, but I've a favor to ask. I have a friend I'd like to bring home with me
Sure," they replied, "we'd love to meet him." "There's something you should know the son continued, "he was hurt pretty badly in the fighting. He stepped on a land mine and lost an arm and a leg. He has nowhere else to go, and I want him to come live with us."
"I'm sorry to hear that, son. Maybe we can help him find somewhere to live."
"No, Mom and Dad, I want him to live with us." "Son," said the father, "you don't know what you're asking.
Someone with such a handicap would be a terrible burden on us. We have our own lives to live, and we can't let something like this interfere with our lives. I think you should just come home and forget about this guy. He'll find a way to live on his own."

At that point, the son hung up the phone. The parents heard nothing more from him. A few days later, however, they received a call from the San Francisco police.

Their son had died after falling from a building, they were told. The police believed it was suicide.
The grief-stricken parents flew to San Francisco and were taken to the city morgue to identify the body of their son. They recognized him, but to their horror they also discovered something they didn't know, their son had only one arm and one leg.

The parents in this story are like many of us. We find it easy to love those who are good-looking or fun to have around, but we don't like people who inconvenience us or make us feel uncomfortable.We would rather stay away from people who aren't as healthy, beautiful, or smart as we are. We pose our self as God fearing. Religious, spiritual, social worker, kind hearted and what not but as long as we love God’s creation selectively, we love only good things, then we are fooling our self. We can’t fool the creator. Unconditional love is the first step towards spiritualism. Love every body but give more love to those who need it more.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Science and Religion – One example

Recently in one of our Kannada news channels there was a head line story which attracted the attention of people from all walks of life here in Karnataka. The story originated from a small town in the northern part of Karnataka. I don’t remember the name of that town. In that town there is one old Darga (Muslims mosque) . In this darga there is one peculiar custom which is carried out on the day, during the time of solar eclipse. According to the priest who is looking after this darga, this is a God send healing technique to cure physically and mentally handicapped persons irrespective of the religion they belong. The handicapped person will be buried in standing position up to neck in side a big hole, dig for this purpose in the vicinity of waste pit of that town. The patient has to stay in this position for about 3 hours during the eclipse though he is unable to bear the pain and heat in side the earth. Water and food can be given to the patient in that position. This religious practice is carried out every year on solar eclipse day.

On August 01, 2008, at the time of solar eclipse many people including press reporters, scientists, social scientists have witnessed this process personally, many on TV program and were stunned to see the result. They could see remarkable improvement in the condition of the patients after removing them from the buried position.

How this miracle could happen? There was a debate on that TV channel on this super natural thing. According to priest it is a gift of God to the under privileged ones with respect to health. Since these patients under went all branches of medicinal treatment and could not get any relief, the improvement they get from this process is very significant and justify the claim of the priest. According to one scientist this is a healing process which is adopted by the priest of that darga in the name of God. According to him, during the solar eclipse, when rays from the Sun are blocked by Moon, the latent energy of the earth becomes very active which reflects positively on the bio-physical condition of the buried person. More light is required on this subject.

We should be grateful to that priest who realized the potential of the hidden energy of the earth during solar eclipse and its use for treatment of handicapped persons. So again we can say science and religion are the two faces of a coin called health

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Science, Religion and Health

Science or Religion – which one came in to existence first? What a non sense question I am asking. But giving a definite answer to this question my not be possible. When we cannot define science and religion in a word or sentence, how we can tell which one came in to existence first. As per available definitions, science means knowledge, it is the effort to discover, and increase human understanding of how the physical world works. For religion there is no agreed definition, but here let us take - way of life. In science experiment is an important tool to gain that unknown knowledge. In religion, the way in which the follower is to travel is determined by very long social experiment. So in both science and religion, experimentation is very important part. One for acquiring knowledge another for finding better path for human progress in all fields. In science we use the acquired knowledge for the benefit of mankind and one of the main goals is health of human being, (due to human greed we are deviating from this). Similarly religion is formed for healthy society (Here meaning of healthy society is very broad). So in both cases main goal is health.

I am not comparing merits or demerits of any religion. If we closely watch the religious practices of major religions we see in India, we can give scientific explanations for most of these practices which results in healthy body and healthy mind. We can discuss these practices in detail some other time. As I am observing my own religion, the way which my parents shown us, each and every single religious practices they were following are nothing but guidelines for healthy body and mind. If we analyze these practices seriously we will realize that religion is nothing but science and goal of both these two is healthy society, healthy environment, healthy body, healthy mind so on ..... So we can say science and religion are the two faces of a coin called health

But now we are only behind wealth, forgetting real religion, priority of science changed thus deprived of health in all fronts. Have we lost our way?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Will Power – My Experience

My father was a very brave person. He took active participation in independence struggle and was jailed for over one year. He was a stanch follower of Mahatma Gandhi till his last breath. He has seen so many up and downs in his life on both financial as well as on health grounds. But he never compromised with his values. His whole life was a struggle, undergone two major surgeries well before attaining 50 years of age, suffered a severe heart attack, and lost his eldest son in a fire accident who left behind wife and two very young daughters, so on………….

His first attack was so severe, according to doctors who were attending him, there was no chance of his survival but he successfully came out from it. Next was premature death of my brother due to fire accident. My dad was not in a position to receive any kind of shocking news either good or bad, because of his recent stroke. A sleeping dose was injected to him immediately after informing about death of his son. But when he got up after that very long sleep, what we have seen in him was a determined person who was ready to face the challenge of life. To every body’s surprise, he has taken control of the whole situation, consoling every body; he remained cool and didn’t allow himself to succumb to such shocking news. Every time he was proving the doctors wrong. For every body’s surprise he lived so long till my brother’s daughters were well settled in life. Finally before his death, he gave one more surprise to the doctors. He was in coma stage for about fifteen days, no improvement in his condition, every body was worried how long it will go like this, then suddenly one evening he came out from coma, when all his kith and kiln were present in the hospital, exchanged his feeling through his eyes with everybody, breathed his last breath when my second bother was chanting holy words in his ear. Even the doctor who was witnessing the scene was unable to control his tears. As a testimony for his will power, somebody at the funeral site uttered “hey wait a minute, confirm his death again”. In our area he was known for his strong will power.

Often I used to memorize those entire days, and still I can’t find the answer for my question “how he could digest those agonies?” My father was having immense faith on God. I have never seen him, taking breakfast without sitting for about an hour in side the pooja room, chanting bhajans loudly and again in the evening doing the same thing. As far as I know my dad, he never joined any yoga class or a disciple of any spiritual Guru. His power to come out from difficult situation may be the out come his belief on God which we call as Bhakti.

Bhakti is a means for Atma to join Paramatma. And I firmly believe that my dad’s Atma has merged with Paramatma

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Simple living.........

Hi friends, this incidence which I am writing took place about 15 years back and virtually changed my life from what I was to what I am today. And I am proud to be what I am today. One of my friends referred a television mechanic, Mr. Chinnappa, for converting my TV from manual control to remote control. He gave me Chinnappa’s land line telephone contact number. (We have not heard about mobile phone at that time). So I dialed that number, heard a very sweet voice from other side wishing by referring me as gurugi (means spiritual guide). I felt some strange feeling inside me, may be because till that day nobody called me like that or I might have felt that I don’t deserve that title.

As promised he came to my house very next day exactly at 7.30 pm. When he came, as usual I was watching some TV channel, which was my only extracurricular activity other than routine 8 hours office work. During those days I was suffering from severe head ache due to sinusitis for which I used to consume heavy dose of pain killers and antibiotics, but without any permanent relief. Here I would like to quote Swami. Vivekananda “Only healthy body can have a healthy mind”. So naturally the pain was upsetting my mental health also. I can describe my then condition in one sentence as “I was living in hell”. He entered my house, wished me and my wife in the same manner when he wished me previous day over phone. For my surprise he wished both my son and daughter who were very young at that time (about 14 and 11 years). The first impression he created over phone on me was the best. As per our custom, my wife offered him some tea and snacks, but he nicely refused to take anything. He started his work, he was enjoying what he was doing, and he was talking with all of us. By observing my body language he came to know about my illness and asked me join some Yoga class which he was also a student which I did along with my full family.

I am greatly attracted by his personality. He was calling every body as Guru irrespective of their age and position. There was a spiritual look on his face, shining in his eyes was some thing rare to see in others. Though both of us were working in the same organization with about 4000 work force, I never met him earlier. For my surprise he took very nominal charge for attending TV modification work. Slowly I came to know about him from my association with him. What I liked about him was his simplicity and humbleness. Right from his appearance to his action he was very simple. He was very kind hearted. His daily physical needs were very limited. He used to take food only 2 times per day, one lunch in the afternoon and one dinner that too before 6.30 pm. According to him one should not take food after sun set. He was not taking coffee, tea or any drinks other than water. He told me that, raw vegetables are keeping our metabolism in perfect condition. As per his advice I also joined that Yoga Class, slowly my illness disappeared, I became like a child in behavior, started to enjoy life again. But I could not become like Chinnappa even after 15 years of practice. I have met so many gurus afterwards, but the divine pleasure I got from the association of Chinnappa was some thing unique. I never met a person like Chinnappa who lives life as per our body design, enjoying every moment of life, being happy and making others happy. If you describe god by his characters, then Chinnappa may be very near to God because he possesses all those characters. For this his aura field may be very large and power full.

I feel that though spiritualism is very complicated but we can practice it very easily like Chinnappa by being simple, humble and being true to you. People are searching for perfect gurus for entering spiritual world, they may get some gurus, but getting “Sadguruunath” like Chinnappa is a God gift. I got that gift

Spiritual Practice and Food

Hi friends, I am a person who strongly believes that there is an unknown and unseen force operating everywhere in this universe and that is the force which created this Universe. But according to some scientific theories there was a Big Bang took place billion years back which is responsible for the origin of the Universe. But I don’t want to drag myself into these controversial opinions because here my purpose is to give readers something useful both on spiritual front as well as on health front.

The unknown force which created the Universe is called as Lord of Lords by some people. Some Gurus describe him as the creator, the protector and the destroyer.

Majority of the world human population may be from any region or any religion, any race, black or white; everybody worships that POWER in their own way. In India we see God in every thing he created for us. We worship mother of all mothers Cow which we call as “Gomata”. We worship tress, rivers, fire, stones, snakes, we worship the whole nature created by Him.

I am a firm believer that God has defined definite characteristic for every object he has created, whether it may be a living one or non living. W can call it as its basic, inherent nature. For example, nature of water is either to flow or remain stagnant at one place attaining the shape of the container or area where it is staying It may be the nature of water to flow or stay, but its inherent nature is to dissolve the oxygen in the atmosphere as far as possible so that it remains always healthy or pure. So oxygen is the natural food for water to remain clean, fresh and oxygen rich water is always very attractive. So due to the human greed water is polluted and so many toxic materials, gases are dissolved , oxygen is the only medicine required for water to get rid off all these poison and become clean and healthy again. Here we can see the complexity of nature. Though water is formed by the chemical reaction of oxygen and hydrogen, the basic nature of resultant product water is entirely different from both oxygen and hydrogen and if water require oxygen it should get it from atmosphere only, not within.

Friends, you may be thinking that why this man is writing some thing which is irrelevant to the title of this posting. So let me continue and reach to the real subject and justify my opinion in my own way. As I mentioned earlier, every creation has its own inherent characteristic. About water I think nobody will differ from my views. I have taken the example of water and oxygen because both are the most two basic things for the survival of biosphere. Our biosphere consists of human being, animals, plants, reptiles etc. Every one of these species is having its own characteristic. And none of these God‘s creation goes against its basic nature except one - HUMAN. Most of us might have read about “Food Cycle” What the specialty of this is so called Food Cycle. According to scientists if majority of species break the law of food cycle which is nothing but the law of nature, then it is the end of biosphere. But it will not happen because no species can go against its inherent characteristic. Species will not break the unwritten law of nature.

A carnivore animal cannot eat grass or vegetables. It can eat fresh meat of other animals, when I say can, it is its characteristic to eat only meat. Even with force also carnivore animals cannot eat fruit, grass or any other vegetables. Similarly a herbivore animal by no way can eat meat or flesh of any animal. For example a cow will eat only grass and vegetarian food. Who told these animals about their food? Why a carnivore can’t take vegetarian food and visa versa? Why a snake is behind a frog ; not searching a fruit? Why an elephant the biggest animal in the world with such a huge body is not interested in meat which is having maximum calories? Then how this elephant got this much power in its body, just by eating grass, plant leaf, fruits? The hippopotamus, whose hide alone can weigh half a ton, is the third-largest living land mammal, after elephants and white rhinos. So among the three biggest animals we see today all the three are herbivores. As we all know about horse and horsepower is the famous unit for measuring power in motors. From where horse got that much power in it? Can we increase the power of animal horse by changing its food habit?

Answer for all these above questions lies in one word. That is DESIGN by God. There is a direct connection between inherent characteristic, design of species and its nature of food. Nature of food plays an important role in the behavior of any animal or species. And the species or animals themselves cannot decide which type of food they can take. It wholly depends upon the design of its body structure. The creator has provided carnivore animals with special teeth for preying, tiger teeth is the best example for it. Carnivores have comparatively short digestive systems as they are not required to break down tough cellulose found in plants. So against its nature, if a carnivore consumes vegetarian food with , with a smaller intestine compared to herbivore, it cannot digest long chained cellulose. Since the length of its intestine is so small, and the time required for digesting cellulose is more than meat, indigestion takes place in its digestive system and the animal cannot convert the vegetable food in to calorie. Similarly if a herbivore consumes meat what will happen? Normally digestive system of a herbivore is very large. So when a herbivore eats meat, it enters and travel through the large digestive system slowly, it stars decaying.

Here we have seen what is happening if one goes against the design of body and its basic characteristic. But my assumption is hypothetical because majority of the species doesn’t go against the nature. When I say majority there should be a minority in the biosphere which acts against the nature. Compared to the whole population of other species, We human being are the minority which is always acting against our basic character, against the design of God, exploiting the environment for our greed. We assume that only human being can think and act. Other animals don’t have that thinking power. But according to some studies, animals are also having thinking capacity; they can also communicate in their own way which we cannot understand.

According to zoologists design of human body is that of an herbivore mammal. For nature all species are equal. So if an animal cannot goes against its natural food which God has created for it, then how come human being goes against his body design and eats food which is not created for him. His greed is unlimited. We have not seen any mammal drinking the milk of other mammal (Not applicable to pet animals in house). One animal drinking the milk of other animal is the most unethical behavior in animal world but though God has created our own mothers milk for us, but we are not satisfied with it. We want to drink cow milk throughout our life. Though we cannot digest non vegetarian food, we take it with an illusion that we will be healthier and physically more powerful.

I think I have deviated from the subject of spiritual practice and food. According to me spiritualism is not a different practice other than our day today life. Every creature in this universe is living in a spiritual state because the whole universe created by God itself is spiritual. They are spiritual because they are natural, living as per their nature. They eat as per their body mechanism. Since they live naturally, they don’t need any medicines because they don’t get any disease they enjoy every moment of their life. But what about us- we human being. We do very less, what we are supposed to do. We eat every thing which we are not supposed to eat. According studies available, food and thought are the two viruses responsible for all types of disease. Since we are also a part of biosphere, not different from other species, why we should practice an altogether different food practice which results in some type of disorder in our mechanism. Why we should drink milk of some other species which we can’t digest properly? Are we ready to feed our milk to an animal baby? Why we should eat boiled food when no other species do like that?

There is no answer to these questions. But we can make our life more beautiful, we can keep our body more fit, we can enjoy every moment of our life by living as per our inherent characteristic. Since our body design is an herbivore mammal, our main diet should be vegetarian. We can take at least 50% of our daily intake in the form of raw food which is most suitable for our body. This will automatically result in a good physical condition and a healthy mind. As Swami Vivekananda declared, only healthy body can have a healthy mind. If you want to be natural, spiritual and enjoy every moment of life, your food and thought should be in an orderly manner. When an elephant can be so healthy and strong both physically and mentally just by eating as per its body design, why can’t I and you be like that? The happiness deriving through these natural activities is nothing but eternal happiness. Being natural is nothing but practicing spiritualism.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is Rebirth a Reality or Myth?

Hi friends, now I am the proud owner of a domain

I never ever thought of entering this amazing world of Blogging, but it is my destiny which is attracting me. I got this inspiration to write a posting in my Blog kamath’s paradise from a Blog post “a purposeful misery” written by my Guru Malathy Badri in one of her Blogs “Laws of universe

What is destiny?

Who I am? Why am like this? Why I am born to my parents? Why a person born at same time is different than me? Why some people born rich? Why some people born with sliver Spoon and at the same time some other with pathetic condition? Why some people are very intelligent while some others are opposite to it? There are lot of instances of very young aged children with less than 5 years old chanting very difficult Sanskrit verses, performing very difficult mathematical calculations, very high level singing, exhibiting artistic qualities which otherwise are very rare to be seen in ordinary and trained person in these fields. These are just few examples I am giving. Regularly we read such stories in media both print and electronic.

So if you sit alone in a place, try to get answer to all these questions you may end up with some uneasiness inside your mind because at this point your subconscious mind will slowly involving itself in this exercise. So many Spiritual Gurus have put lot of light on the power of subconscious mind or “antharatma.”

What is subconscious mind then?

We know that there is a driving force behind all activities in this Universe or Brahmanda. Even famous scientists who are trying to find logical answers to every problem are also agreeing that there is an unknown force which is operating in this Universe. Why we get some sort of satisfaction when we pray God? Why we close our eyes when we pray Him? So prayer is something connected with our mind, not our logical mind but subconscious mind. You might have observed that some internal force is stopping you or a warning signal will be generated within you before doing any illegal activity. This is our subconscious mind which is always trying to guide us on correct path.

So let us assume that there is some similarity between God and our Anatarathma.They are connected to each other. Just like God Paramatma is ruling the Universe and is omnipresent, our Atma is ruling the body in which it is staying.

But we do sinful actions without giving attention to the inner voice, that is nothing but voice of Atma, in fact voice of Paramatma. Just like our bank balance increases as per our income and every transaction is captured in our account, every karma we do is captured in an account called kundalini which is an account book of Atma. Karma theory and Newton’s theory “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” are similar to each other. When we do some action either good or bad it is giving the same results to the person who receives it. For every good action you will be blessed, thus positive energy in your account increases and visa versa. Now when the time comes for Atma to leave the body that is called death. Atma has witnessed and accounted every action during life time and the balance sheet is up to date. Since Paramatma and Aatma are omnipresent, Atma is the amsha of Paramatma; Atma is always trying to merge with Paramatma which is Moksha as per spiritual Gurus. But to attain moksha, Atma should clear the account of karma. For clearing the account, Atma has to be in birth and death cycle.

In Srimad Bhagavadgeeta Lord is announcing “Sambhavami yuge yuge”. That means I will come again and again. He can decide when to come, how to come and when He is here He is also bound by Karma. Similarly Atma before leaving a body will decide its future course of action. When to take birth and in what form according to the karma balance sheet. Atma will decide its every next birth in such a way that, with every birth it will be nearer to moksha but clearing the karma account is its primary task. So as per previous balance Atma will take birth.

Now we can think over my initial questions. What is destiny? In every life Atma and its kundalini are just like 2 faces of a coin, inseparable. In his previous birth if a person has lead a purposeful life and he was in touch with spirituality, definitely as per karma yoga that Atma will take a rebirth with more spiritual back ground ,thus moving closer to Paramatma or moksha. Just like river always flows towards ocean and merges in it, Atma also tries to attain moksha. If previous birth was very purposeful, meaningful and led a spiritual life and that Atma carries only positive energy, that Atma will take birth like what we see a five year boy chanting shloka, previous birth memories, young mathematical genius etc. This is because the Atma’s power has increased due to good karma in previous birth which is reflected in its next birth. If the karma in its previous birth was good, your previous birth talents will be carried to next birth. If your earnings in previous birth were hard earned and were used for good cause and you were not satisfied with this and if you have some unfinished good task, your Atma is powerful enough to take next birth in such a way that you can continue your unfinished previous birth task.

We read in media regarding rebirth. In north India, a small boy of about 5 years old stared remembering his previous birth. Finally he was taken to that place which is about 200 kms away. For every body’s surprise he has recognized all his relatives of his previous birth including his wife. So many such instances are taking place now and then for which you cannot get logical answers. So you close your eyes and try to make a contact with HIM. This may be the beginning of your journey towards spiritual world in this life.

Now we can conclude that destiny is what my Atma is deciding for me as per my previous karma. No body can change it. Not even Lord himself. So every birth is a purposeful one may it be a miserable or otherwise. Every life is the attempt of Atma towards Moksha.

Now the main question is rebirth is a reality or myth? It is a million dollar question which can be answered in hundred ways as per the convenience. This is my way of answering and I firmly believe in what I have written here. In our greatest Indian Epics like “Ramayana” and “Mahabharat"one can see a number of examples of rebirth but there is no proof available for it.

For a believer it is a reality. He tries to avoid committing sins as far as possible with a firm belief that there will be another birth where he has to pay heavily for it. He does not argue for any proof. He just believes in whatever written over there in these epics. I am also one of them.

Friday, August 1, 2008

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