Sunday, August 10, 2008

Spiritual Practice and Food

Hi friends, I am a person who strongly believes that there is an unknown and unseen force operating everywhere in this universe and that is the force which created this Universe. But according to some scientific theories there was a Big Bang took place billion years back which is responsible for the origin of the Universe. But I don’t want to drag myself into these controversial opinions because here my purpose is to give readers something useful both on spiritual front as well as on health front.

The unknown force which created the Universe is called as Lord of Lords by some people. Some Gurus describe him as the creator, the protector and the destroyer.

Majority of the world human population may be from any region or any religion, any race, black or white; everybody worships that POWER in their own way. In India we see God in every thing he created for us. We worship mother of all mothers Cow which we call as “Gomata”. We worship tress, rivers, fire, stones, snakes, we worship the whole nature created by Him.

I am a firm believer that God has defined definite characteristic for every object he has created, whether it may be a living one or non living. W can call it as its basic, inherent nature. For example, nature of water is either to flow or remain stagnant at one place attaining the shape of the container or area where it is staying It may be the nature of water to flow or stay, but its inherent nature is to dissolve the oxygen in the atmosphere as far as possible so that it remains always healthy or pure. So oxygen is the natural food for water to remain clean, fresh and oxygen rich water is always very attractive. So due to the human greed water is polluted and so many toxic materials, gases are dissolved , oxygen is the only medicine required for water to get rid off all these poison and become clean and healthy again. Here we can see the complexity of nature. Though water is formed by the chemical reaction of oxygen and hydrogen, the basic nature of resultant product water is entirely different from both oxygen and hydrogen and if water require oxygen it should get it from atmosphere only, not within.

Friends, you may be thinking that why this man is writing some thing which is irrelevant to the title of this posting. So let me continue and reach to the real subject and justify my opinion in my own way. As I mentioned earlier, every creation has its own inherent characteristic. About water I think nobody will differ from my views. I have taken the example of water and oxygen because both are the most two basic things for the survival of biosphere. Our biosphere consists of human being, animals, plants, reptiles etc. Every one of these species is having its own characteristic. And none of these God‘s creation goes against its basic nature except one - HUMAN. Most of us might have read about “Food Cycle” What the specialty of this is so called Food Cycle. According to scientists if majority of species break the law of food cycle which is nothing but the law of nature, then it is the end of biosphere. But it will not happen because no species can go against its inherent characteristic. Species will not break the unwritten law of nature.

A carnivore animal cannot eat grass or vegetables. It can eat fresh meat of other animals, when I say can, it is its characteristic to eat only meat. Even with force also carnivore animals cannot eat fruit, grass or any other vegetables. Similarly a herbivore animal by no way can eat meat or flesh of any animal. For example a cow will eat only grass and vegetarian food. Who told these animals about their food? Why a carnivore can’t take vegetarian food and visa versa? Why a snake is behind a frog ; not searching a fruit? Why an elephant the biggest animal in the world with such a huge body is not interested in meat which is having maximum calories? Then how this elephant got this much power in its body, just by eating grass, plant leaf, fruits? The hippopotamus, whose hide alone can weigh half a ton, is the third-largest living land mammal, after elephants and white rhinos. So among the three biggest animals we see today all the three are herbivores. As we all know about horse and horsepower is the famous unit for measuring power in motors. From where horse got that much power in it? Can we increase the power of animal horse by changing its food habit?

Answer for all these above questions lies in one word. That is DESIGN by God. There is a direct connection between inherent characteristic, design of species and its nature of food. Nature of food plays an important role in the behavior of any animal or species. And the species or animals themselves cannot decide which type of food they can take. It wholly depends upon the design of its body structure. The creator has provided carnivore animals with special teeth for preying, tiger teeth is the best example for it. Carnivores have comparatively short digestive systems as they are not required to break down tough cellulose found in plants. So against its nature, if a carnivore consumes vegetarian food with , with a smaller intestine compared to herbivore, it cannot digest long chained cellulose. Since the length of its intestine is so small, and the time required for digesting cellulose is more than meat, indigestion takes place in its digestive system and the animal cannot convert the vegetable food in to calorie. Similarly if a herbivore consumes meat what will happen? Normally digestive system of a herbivore is very large. So when a herbivore eats meat, it enters and travel through the large digestive system slowly, it stars decaying.

Here we have seen what is happening if one goes against the design of body and its basic characteristic. But my assumption is hypothetical because majority of the species doesn’t go against the nature. When I say majority there should be a minority in the biosphere which acts against the nature. Compared to the whole population of other species, We human being are the minority which is always acting against our basic character, against the design of God, exploiting the environment for our greed. We assume that only human being can think and act. Other animals don’t have that thinking power. But according to some studies, animals are also having thinking capacity; they can also communicate in their own way which we cannot understand.

According to zoologists design of human body is that of an herbivore mammal. For nature all species are equal. So if an animal cannot goes against its natural food which God has created for it, then how come human being goes against his body design and eats food which is not created for him. His greed is unlimited. We have not seen any mammal drinking the milk of other mammal (Not applicable to pet animals in house). One animal drinking the milk of other animal is the most unethical behavior in animal world but though God has created our own mothers milk for us, but we are not satisfied with it. We want to drink cow milk throughout our life. Though we cannot digest non vegetarian food, we take it with an illusion that we will be healthier and physically more powerful.

I think I have deviated from the subject of spiritual practice and food. According to me spiritualism is not a different practice other than our day today life. Every creature in this universe is living in a spiritual state because the whole universe created by God itself is spiritual. They are spiritual because they are natural, living as per their nature. They eat as per their body mechanism. Since they live naturally, they don’t need any medicines because they don’t get any disease they enjoy every moment of their life. But what about us- we human being. We do very less, what we are supposed to do. We eat every thing which we are not supposed to eat. According studies available, food and thought are the two viruses responsible for all types of disease. Since we are also a part of biosphere, not different from other species, why we should practice an altogether different food practice which results in some type of disorder in our mechanism. Why we should drink milk of some other species which we can’t digest properly? Are we ready to feed our milk to an animal baby? Why we should eat boiled food when no other species do like that?

There is no answer to these questions. But we can make our life more beautiful, we can keep our body more fit, we can enjoy every moment of our life by living as per our inherent characteristic. Since our body design is an herbivore mammal, our main diet should be vegetarian. We can take at least 50% of our daily intake in the form of raw food which is most suitable for our body. This will automatically result in a good physical condition and a healthy mind. As Swami Vivekananda declared, only healthy body can have a healthy mind. If you want to be natural, spiritual and enjoy every moment of life, your food and thought should be in an orderly manner. When an elephant can be so healthy and strong both physically and mentally just by eating as per its body design, why can’t I and you be like that? The happiness deriving through these natural activities is nothing but eternal happiness. Being natural is nothing but practicing spiritualism.


Rangan Badri said...

"Being natural is nothing but practicing spiritualism."-this said it all.

I wonder whether anyone realizes what is meant by being 'natural'.

I believe it is not living with the nature but by being your natural self without all those judgments, labels we all pass on to people, places, things etc. We were not born with these qualities.So these are not natural to us.

Jen Kumar said...

Mr. Kamath.
Finally getting a chance to read all your blog entries! This is a great post.
Amazing thing about vegetarian mammals besides being vegetarian is they are very graceful. Humans, when they become big (fat) loose that ease of walking (grace) mammals, however need that bulkiness by nature, yet are very graceful. I was surprised
the first time I saw a hippo running (on tv). Fat people can't run or have a hard time doing so, and don't look very graceful usually. However, just watch a hippo run, it is an amazing sight! And to think it is running up to 30mph! (I wrote about Hippos on my blog here-
The other thought that came to mind in your post is how humans have forced animals that are naturally vegetarians to eat meat. This is how the 'mad cow' disease originated. When I think about these things, I feel so bad for the's so unfair to the cow/bull.
Thanks for posting!