Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Will Power – My Experience

My father was a very brave person. He took active participation in independence struggle and was jailed for over one year. He was a stanch follower of Mahatma Gandhi till his last breath. He has seen so many up and downs in his life on both financial as well as on health grounds. But he never compromised with his values. His whole life was a struggle, undergone two major surgeries well before attaining 50 years of age, suffered a severe heart attack, and lost his eldest son in a fire accident who left behind wife and two very young daughters, so on………….

His first attack was so severe, according to doctors who were attending him, there was no chance of his survival but he successfully came out from it. Next was premature death of my brother due to fire accident. My dad was not in a position to receive any kind of shocking news either good or bad, because of his recent stroke. A sleeping dose was injected to him immediately after informing about death of his son. But when he got up after that very long sleep, what we have seen in him was a determined person who was ready to face the challenge of life. To every body’s surprise, he has taken control of the whole situation, consoling every body; he remained cool and didn’t allow himself to succumb to such shocking news. Every time he was proving the doctors wrong. For every body’s surprise he lived so long till my brother’s daughters were well settled in life. Finally before his death, he gave one more surprise to the doctors. He was in coma stage for about fifteen days, no improvement in his condition, every body was worried how long it will go like this, then suddenly one evening he came out from coma, when all his kith and kiln were present in the hospital, exchanged his feeling through his eyes with everybody, breathed his last breath when my second bother was chanting holy words in his ear. Even the doctor who was witnessing the scene was unable to control his tears. As a testimony for his will power, somebody at the funeral site uttered “hey wait a minute, confirm his death again”. In our area he was known for his strong will power.

Often I used to memorize those entire days, and still I can’t find the answer for my question “how he could digest those agonies?” My father was having immense faith on God. I have never seen him, taking breakfast without sitting for about an hour in side the pooja room, chanting bhajans loudly and again in the evening doing the same thing. As far as I know my dad, he never joined any yoga class or a disciple of any spiritual Guru. His power to come out from difficult situation may be the out come his belief on God which we call as Bhakti.

Bhakti is a means for Atma to join Paramatma. And I firmly believe that my dad’s Atma has merged with Paramatma


Rangan Badri said...

Very moving Kamath. I like it. You write very well. If you offer email subscription of your feed, I will be grateful.
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pdkamath said...

Hi Badri,
I am very great full to you for your encouraging comments about my post.I will try to live up to your expectations.