Sunday, August 17, 2008

Science, Religion and Health

Science or Religion – which one came in to existence first? What a non sense question I am asking. But giving a definite answer to this question my not be possible. When we cannot define science and religion in a word or sentence, how we can tell which one came in to existence first. As per available definitions, science means knowledge, it is the effort to discover, and increase human understanding of how the physical world works. For religion there is no agreed definition, but here let us take - way of life. In science experiment is an important tool to gain that unknown knowledge. In religion, the way in which the follower is to travel is determined by very long social experiment. So in both science and religion, experimentation is very important part. One for acquiring knowledge another for finding better path for human progress in all fields. In science we use the acquired knowledge for the benefit of mankind and one of the main goals is health of human being, (due to human greed we are deviating from this). Similarly religion is formed for healthy society (Here meaning of healthy society is very broad). So in both cases main goal is health.

I am not comparing merits or demerits of any religion. If we closely watch the religious practices of major religions we see in India, we can give scientific explanations for most of these practices which results in healthy body and healthy mind. We can discuss these practices in detail some other time. As I am observing my own religion, the way which my parents shown us, each and every single religious practices they were following are nothing but guidelines for healthy body and mind. If we analyze these practices seriously we will realize that religion is nothing but science and goal of both these two is healthy society, healthy environment, healthy body, healthy mind so on ..... So we can say science and religion are the two faces of a coin called health

But now we are only behind wealth, forgetting real religion, priority of science changed thus deprived of health in all fronts. Have we lost our way?

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