Monday, August 25, 2008

Science and Religion – One example

Recently in one of our Kannada news channels there was a head line story which attracted the attention of people from all walks of life here in Karnataka. The story originated from a small town in the northern part of Karnataka. I don’t remember the name of that town. In that town there is one old Darga (Muslims mosque) . In this darga there is one peculiar custom which is carried out on the day, during the time of solar eclipse. According to the priest who is looking after this darga, this is a God send healing technique to cure physically and mentally handicapped persons irrespective of the religion they belong. The handicapped person will be buried in standing position up to neck in side a big hole, dig for this purpose in the vicinity of waste pit of that town. The patient has to stay in this position for about 3 hours during the eclipse though he is unable to bear the pain and heat in side the earth. Water and food can be given to the patient in that position. This religious practice is carried out every year on solar eclipse day.

On August 01, 2008, at the time of solar eclipse many people including press reporters, scientists, social scientists have witnessed this process personally, many on TV program and were stunned to see the result. They could see remarkable improvement in the condition of the patients after removing them from the buried position.

How this miracle could happen? There was a debate on that TV channel on this super natural thing. According to priest it is a gift of God to the under privileged ones with respect to health. Since these patients under went all branches of medicinal treatment and could not get any relief, the improvement they get from this process is very significant and justify the claim of the priest. According to one scientist this is a healing process which is adopted by the priest of that darga in the name of God. According to him, during the solar eclipse, when rays from the Sun are blocked by Moon, the latent energy of the earth becomes very active which reflects positively on the bio-physical condition of the buried person. More light is required on this subject.

We should be grateful to that priest who realized the potential of the hidden energy of the earth during solar eclipse and its use for treatment of handicapped persons. So again we can say science and religion are the two faces of a coin called health

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