Sunday, August 3, 2008

Is Rebirth a Reality or Myth?

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I never ever thought of entering this amazing world of Blogging, but it is my destiny which is attracting me. I got this inspiration to write a posting in my Blog kamath’s paradise from a Blog post “a purposeful misery” written by my Guru Malathy Badri in one of her Blogs “Laws of universe

What is destiny?

Who I am? Why am like this? Why I am born to my parents? Why a person born at same time is different than me? Why some people born rich? Why some people born with sliver Spoon and at the same time some other with pathetic condition? Why some people are very intelligent while some others are opposite to it? There are lot of instances of very young aged children with less than 5 years old chanting very difficult Sanskrit verses, performing very difficult mathematical calculations, very high level singing, exhibiting artistic qualities which otherwise are very rare to be seen in ordinary and trained person in these fields. These are just few examples I am giving. Regularly we read such stories in media both print and electronic.

So if you sit alone in a place, try to get answer to all these questions you may end up with some uneasiness inside your mind because at this point your subconscious mind will slowly involving itself in this exercise. So many Spiritual Gurus have put lot of light on the power of subconscious mind or “antharatma.”

What is subconscious mind then?

We know that there is a driving force behind all activities in this Universe or Brahmanda. Even famous scientists who are trying to find logical answers to every problem are also agreeing that there is an unknown force which is operating in this Universe. Why we get some sort of satisfaction when we pray God? Why we close our eyes when we pray Him? So prayer is something connected with our mind, not our logical mind but subconscious mind. You might have observed that some internal force is stopping you or a warning signal will be generated within you before doing any illegal activity. This is our subconscious mind which is always trying to guide us on correct path.

So let us assume that there is some similarity between God and our Anatarathma.They are connected to each other. Just like God Paramatma is ruling the Universe and is omnipresent, our Atma is ruling the body in which it is staying.

But we do sinful actions without giving attention to the inner voice, that is nothing but voice of Atma, in fact voice of Paramatma. Just like our bank balance increases as per our income and every transaction is captured in our account, every karma we do is captured in an account called kundalini which is an account book of Atma. Karma theory and Newton’s theory “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” are similar to each other. When we do some action either good or bad it is giving the same results to the person who receives it. For every good action you will be blessed, thus positive energy in your account increases and visa versa. Now when the time comes for Atma to leave the body that is called death. Atma has witnessed and accounted every action during life time and the balance sheet is up to date. Since Paramatma and Aatma are omnipresent, Atma is the amsha of Paramatma; Atma is always trying to merge with Paramatma which is Moksha as per spiritual Gurus. But to attain moksha, Atma should clear the account of karma. For clearing the account, Atma has to be in birth and death cycle.

In Srimad Bhagavadgeeta Lord is announcing “Sambhavami yuge yuge”. That means I will come again and again. He can decide when to come, how to come and when He is here He is also bound by Karma. Similarly Atma before leaving a body will decide its future course of action. When to take birth and in what form according to the karma balance sheet. Atma will decide its every next birth in such a way that, with every birth it will be nearer to moksha but clearing the karma account is its primary task. So as per previous balance Atma will take birth.

Now we can think over my initial questions. What is destiny? In every life Atma and its kundalini are just like 2 faces of a coin, inseparable. In his previous birth if a person has lead a purposeful life and he was in touch with spirituality, definitely as per karma yoga that Atma will take a rebirth with more spiritual back ground ,thus moving closer to Paramatma or moksha. Just like river always flows towards ocean and merges in it, Atma also tries to attain moksha. If previous birth was very purposeful, meaningful and led a spiritual life and that Atma carries only positive energy, that Atma will take birth like what we see a five year boy chanting shloka, previous birth memories, young mathematical genius etc. This is because the Atma’s power has increased due to good karma in previous birth which is reflected in its next birth. If the karma in its previous birth was good, your previous birth talents will be carried to next birth. If your earnings in previous birth were hard earned and were used for good cause and you were not satisfied with this and if you have some unfinished good task, your Atma is powerful enough to take next birth in such a way that you can continue your unfinished previous birth task.

We read in media regarding rebirth. In north India, a small boy of about 5 years old stared remembering his previous birth. Finally he was taken to that place which is about 200 kms away. For every body’s surprise he has recognized all his relatives of his previous birth including his wife. So many such instances are taking place now and then for which you cannot get logical answers. So you close your eyes and try to make a contact with HIM. This may be the beginning of your journey towards spiritual world in this life.

Now we can conclude that destiny is what my Atma is deciding for me as per my previous karma. No body can change it. Not even Lord himself. So every birth is a purposeful one may it be a miserable or otherwise. Every life is the attempt of Atma towards Moksha.

Now the main question is rebirth is a reality or myth? It is a million dollar question which can be answered in hundred ways as per the convenience. This is my way of answering and I firmly believe in what I have written here. In our greatest Indian Epics like “Ramayana” and “Mahabharat"one can see a number of examples of rebirth but there is no proof available for it.

For a believer it is a reality. He tries to avoid committing sins as far as possible with a firm belief that there will be another birth where he has to pay heavily for it. He does not argue for any proof. He just believes in whatever written over there in these epics. I am also one of them.


Rangan Badri said...

Very moving and touching Kamath.
I have to rethink on my pre-birth views.

Thanks for your kind words. But I am not a guru. I am only a tool-rather my mind and body just do as per the super consciousness's will.

It felt your desire, arranged my mind and body to be at your house.

pdkamath said...

Hi, Badri
It is your greatness to make it very simple.But you are Great.I am really encouraged by your appreciation about my rebirth views. Shortly I will make an attempt for one more post. I have got some doubts about blogging for which I will mail you.