Thursday, November 12, 2009

Are we heading towards mass suicide?

Hi friends, today while browsing different websites, I got access to a widget “Save the planet” on and without any second thought I have placed it at the left top my blog. Since, the subject of environment protection is very close to my heart, I always look for opportunities to contribute my share towards greater cause of protection of Mother Nature. In spite of our knowledge about its consequences, we have collectively exploited and enjoyed the abundance of nature through all possible means and our chosen self destruction path has taken us to a position from where it is difficult to return. Mother Nature which was observing the assault by us like a mute spectator for centuries has started reacting and now it is our turn to pay heavily for our misdeeds. As per the Newton’s theory, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and all our reactions with respect to environment exploitation are resulting in environmental disaster. I feel, live and let live concept is practiced by all species in our biosphere but we human are one such selfish species which neither believes nor follows it. Today while I am writing this post, my fellow countrymen at Mumbai are spending sleepless night because a low pressure is built on the middle of Arabian Sea and any moment a cyclone is expected to hit this costal area. The horrible memories of Tsunami which killed thousands of people are still fresh on these people’s mind and all fingers are crossed about the possible impact of this cyclone. Every now and then, one part of the world or the other is passing through such sudden natural calamities which are well beyond human control and as per study reports climatic changes are responsible for these things. We have burnt count less quantities of fossil fuels and we are experiencing its opposite reaction in the form of green house gases like carbon dioxide which are trapping the heat from the Sun absorbed by the Earth. With every passing days and years, global average ambient temperature is going up and ice which is lying on glaciers for million years has stated melting slowly and steadily. With this irreversible phenomenon, there is a raise in sea levels and according to experts; at this rate of ice melting most of the land on earth will be covered by sea water within few decades. We human beings are so powerful that we could even make holes in the ozone layers which are protecting life on earth from dangerous cosmic rays. Each and every component of our biosphere is polluted by human activities and I believe our coming generations have to pay heavily for it. I am an optimistic man and believe that by a combined effort by all people we can put a break to the increasing trend of global temperature.


JENIE=) said...

hope you visit my other blogs as well

lolit said...

hello, i am with you and i guess there are more out there who are crying to save the our MOTHER EARTH.
i will place this one too in my blog.thanks for sharing and i hope many of your followers can read it and share this to others too.