Friday, November 13, 2009

Unknown helping hands!

Hi friends, in my yesterday’s blog post I have mentioned about the possible disasters of the cyclone which was about to hit Indian costs last night. As per the calculation of meteorological department personnel, cyclone was moving at a speed of more than 250 kilometers per hour and there were no signs of its weakening. As I mentioned in my post, all fingers were crossed from laymen to scientists and as a precautionary measure whole Mumbai was kept under the control of army men to cope up with emergency situations. All schools, colleges, offices, industrial establishments were closed and people were asked to stay in their homes during danger period. The last of the 50 over one day international cricket match of the ongoing series between India and Australia was suspended in advance. All activities in and around Mumbai became standstill and angry Mother Nature was about to punish her children mercilessly. But as time passed, for everybody’s surprise the speed of the wind on the Arabian Sea has slowly weakened and the cyclone moved away from Mumbai shore with lesser and lesser velocity. People enjoyed the pleasure of shower in a holiday mood. How people miraculously escaped from the nature’s wrath? I believe, though we have not shown any mercy towards the nature during all these years of its exploitation, there is an unknown and unseen force which is showing mercy on us every now and then, minimize our agony. There are many such incidents which are happening in this world in which we have miraculously escaped and nobody could give suitable and satisfactory scientific explanations for those sudden developments. According to our scientists, our planet is not far away from environmental disaster which may end up with the extinction of life on the Earth. But I believe , again we will be saved by those unknown helping hands for which we may fail to find scientific answers.