Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is non vegetarian food habit causing global warming?

Hi friend, continuing my discussion about prevention is better than cure I would like to mention here an alarming report by a group of scientists who were on the job of finding reasons for the so called global warming. The group of scientists who worked on this project which is known as “Kyoto Protocol” came out with a list of reasons for global warming. The list contains various known human activities which are directly responsible for increase in ambient temperature. According to a well-known social activist from India Mr, Rajiv Dixit, the Protocol came to a definite conclusion that unhealthy life styles adopted by human being are also responsible for global warming apart from carbon burning. According the study report, meat eating or non vegetarian food habit practiced by human being all over the world played an important role in global warming as well as polluting all components of our biosphere. After attending the summit on climatic change, Mr. Jayaram Ramesh, minister of state for environment and forest, Government of India, released a press statement that humans diet of cow and pig meats are also contributes to its share for global warming and pollution. I feel when our unnatural activity of eating non vegetarian food is capable of making dents to environmental health, how our body will be spared where the activity is taking place? As we human are herbivores and eating non vegetarian food against Nature and our body nature is bound to produce negative energy which is harmful to our body as well as environment. I think the time has come for us to make changes to our existing life style slowly and steadily so as to give a chance to our future generations to lead a healthy life. I wonder among millions of organisms present in nature why only human beings are suffering from different types of diseases?


burn said...

Wow! I couldn't believe that eating meat can lead to global warming. This is very ce info my friend.

This is really an eye opener to all of us. That we have to change our lifestyle.

Sismadi SSM said...

great principle bro...

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Lita C. Malicdem said...

Eating beef and pork gives negative heat to the body of the eater, who in turn threatens the environment of global warming- this is my first time to hear about eating lifestyle affecting climate.

I've always believed that human activities that lead to massive pollution of land, water, and air produce large amount of carbon dioxide into the air causing the "greenhouse effect" and likewise causing CFC's that affect the ozone layer and eventually this global warming.

Your sharing this info attracts me. Thanks for sharing.

simply my ideas said...

I came over to this blog through the listing on india blogger and found the initial few postings based on chanakya's quote really interesting, but this post as is with many other on similar topic written with a strongly pre-conceived notion and stating those as obvious fact. Well, not denying that most of us do most of the things that way, but openness to counter argument and logical support and proof of ones belief is what i believe constitutes a well delivered argument.
At the word go, i find the idea interesting and assuming that eating habits lead to global warming. I wished i had more details as to how that happens specifically.
Also at the same time citations that humans are herbivorous needs arguments, logic and justification I believe. As far as i know humans have been eating non vegetarian food stuff since times immemorial since the advent of early man who pursued hunting as one of the eating alternatives.
Also the last citation that humans are most effected species in terms of diseases, I wish God gave enough time and energy to humans to spare some time and dwell if other organisms have same level of un-treatable diseases cause i never met a dog or non human species who could say or converse with me
All said and done healthy eating habits are a must not only as an example for future generation but to make the time we spend on this earth happier, however eating healthy might not mean eating vegetarian.

Apologies if you find my writeup preconceived or pre-notioned. I have tried to be as objective as possible and open to discussion

Balaji.P.B said...

Poultry Industry Helps reduce global warming!

It is of common knowledge that Eggs and Chicken have Nutritional benefits over other foods, but it is a little known fact that the entire Poultry Industry is helping to fight global warming in a very big way. It is also helping the economics of nations by making food more affordable to people. Let me explain how.

First, approximately 50% of the poultry feed consists of ingredients like rice brokens, wheat brokens, De-oiled Rice barn, Sunflower Oil cake, De- oiled soya, De-oiled groundnut cake, De-oiled rapeseed meal etc., these ingredients are byproducts of grain processing or after oil extraction and is not used for human consumption. However, they have good protien and energy values.

If these byproducts like broken rice or De-oiled rice barn are not used up by some means, then the price of rice would go up. If the byproducts such as Sunflower oil cake & groundnut oil cake are not used then the cost of extraction of oil (sunflower oil, Groundnut oil) will be met by increasing the price of cooking oil. Moreover, these byproducts would have to be dumped in landfills causing pollution to our precious air, water and land resources.

Poultry industry helps subsidise the cost of grains and cooking oils for the entire population by using these ingredients in the production of nutritious eggs and chicken meat.

All these above ingredients are used in production of poultry. One kilogram of poultry feed (constituting of these byproducts) is getting converted to seven to eight nutritious eggs in the table egg industry. Similarly, one kilogram of poultry feed is getting converted to 750 grams of white meat in the broiler (chicken meat) industry. Moreover, the poultry litter is used as a cheap valuble organic manure inplace of expensive chemical fertilizers to grow new crops of grains, fruits and vegetables. Poultry waste is also used along with other ingredients as a substrate for growing mushrooms.

If you consider country chicken, an average hen produces about 50 - 60 eggs a year consuming about 50 Kgs of locally available ingredients. In the organised sector, a hen typically produces 280 - 300 eggs on average by consuming about 40 - 42 Kgs of feed in a year. It is evedient that from a productivity point of view also, poultry industry provides the maximum output utilizing minimal resources.

Thus, poultry industry as a whole operates in a sustainable manner and is a forerunner in the cause of global warming.