Saturday, November 14, 2009

Be loyal to Mother Nature

Hi friends, I am serving in a blue-chip Indian manufacturing industry and I am very proud to be part of this organization for many reasons. We Indians are emotionally get attached to anything we are associated with and as far as employee employers relationship is concerned it is treated just not a contract but as a sweet responsibility given to the employee by the employer. An employee will always try his level best to please his employer and remain loyal to his organization during his service. I am also one such employee and all these years of years of service I worked at various positions with all humbleness and loyalty. My organization is one of the main pillars of Indian Industries with strong fundamentals and I am really liked the long sighted approach of my business leaders during the recent economic turbulence. In spite of having vast reserve resources, Chairman of our organization advised all his managers and officers to cut expenditure wherever possible and spend every dollar as is it is your last one. To keep the financial health of the organization intact and sustain the achieved growth, each and every one of us has supplemented his emergency measures. We have sacrificed many comforts of industrial life and successfully met the challenges of recession without any hiccups. We have minimized usage of oil run vehicles, electricity, water, air-conditioners and so on which not only helped my organization to improve productivity but helped our environment. By minimizing usage of oil and other fuels we have reduced our share of green house gas generation which is one of the positive aspects of economic recession. Similar precautionary steps were taken by majority of industrial houses in India and survived the turbulence appeared on the economic front. When we can scarifies some of our basic comforts and make changes in our life style for many months to maintain the financial health of our organization, why can’t we scarifies some more for maintaining the health of our environment and save our planet from environmental disasters ? I have discussed positive aspects of bad economy with respect to environment in my blog post Bad economy- good for future generation published many months ago. I believe, the time has come for us to think and act in the direction of using renewable energies available in nature freely and put a break to fossil fuel usage. We try to remain loyal to very thing but why not to Mother Nature?


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