Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bad Economy - Good for future generation?

Hi friends, are you worried about the present global economic crisis? "YES"- will be the answer from most of us. West to south, billionaire to beggar, employer to employee, in a nut shell every one of us is badly hit by this global phenomenon. Even though I am also a victim of the present bad economy, I see a ray of hope which is beaming out from this crisis for my next generation.

In a pursuit to attain economic superiority over other, every country has started industrial production in excess of demands without looking back at its side effect on the Mother Nature, and the main beneficiaries are the so called five super powers of the world. Goods were being produced in uneven proportions to requirements and China took a leading role at this period and quantity replaced quality. All available natural resources are explored and utilized to satisfy country's ego and greed of some sections of society. Here is a simple example but very alarming one to illustrate China's greed at the cost of environment: production of wood pulp and VS Fiber, for which eucalyptus tree is the major raw material. They entered this fray recently and set up plants with very high capacities and started selling pulp and fiber at very cheap price giving up the concept of quality and if these types of industrial activities are carried out at the cost of nature, the future of our next generation will be very bleak. I am not pointing out China alone, every country and its population is on this self destruction path. The under ground big bang experiment which is being carried out in America may be a step in that direction, only time will tell us.

As a testimony to the Newton’s theory which says "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction", all our activities are producing side effects in the form of generation of green house gases, global warming, ozone layer depletion so on. Every year global average ambient temperature is increasing resulting in melting of ice in the glaciers which was formed billion years back, effectively increasing the present sea water level. If this trend continues which is an irreversible one, then those days are not very far when the whole earth is under water.

Friends, due to the present economic crisis, industrial production is on low scale all over the world and I hope this will continue and go down further keeping in mind its benefits to our ecology and environment. Though we cannot restore the damaged environment back, we can sustain the present level by limiting our industrial activities as per our global requirements. Oil wells in the gulf region have reduced their oil production and it is a good sign according to me not only because we are preserving every drop of oil for our future generation but we are saving the environment from generation of green house gases.

I always believe that our present generation is the only custodians of the Nature and its resources which are very old and priceless. But we often forget this very fact and doing every thing not to hand over this Mother Nature to our next generation in a healthy condition. The present economic cries should be an eye opener to every one of us who have little concern for their children and grand children. We should utilize this God send opportunity to change our life style and do every thing possible to minimize pollution generating activities. It is now or never. Let us put our greed behind every thing and practice the concept of environment protection first, every thing next. I hope now you may agree with my view that the present economic crisis is a blessing in disguise to all of us and to our future generation.

Presently all of us are busy in selecting favors for our friends and relatives for the coming Christmas and New Year to show our love and affection to them and it is a custom since many generations all over the world. I believe our greatest offering of all the times to our next generation should be a great place to live not to suffer.