Sunday, November 2, 2008

Do you want your genetic report ?

Hi friends, this blog post is slightly different from my regular posts. Today I visited a site AccessDNA which is dealing in DNA and other genetic test. As per the instruction given in the home page of the site I created my profile and became a registered member within no time. In the next step I filled all the details which are required to generate my free personalized genetic report. It was so easy and it took hardly a couple of minutes to fill the data. At the end I received a detained report and an expert was readily available on line to clarify my doubts if any. Along with my report I noticed this message in the family category box :Genetics are inherited. As a result you may share many of the same genetics risks with other members of your family, who might also benefit from our website.
I hope you can also become a register member of this form and avail the free service offered and get your free personalized genetic report by visiting
All the best.

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Badri said...

Thank you Kamath. Very useful and interesting info.