Friday, November 27, 2009

Prevention is better than cure: Part -3

He friends, Because of the tight schedule of my professional activities I am still not finding enough time to enjoy my most favorite hobby – blogging. I like to enter my friends sites and leave my mark there as a proof of my visit. Like all other bloggers, I also want to see more number of visitors to my site and to make it happen every day; I need to write some thing special. Today I have made up my mind to write a post about health and I want to type my learning in SSY classes and camps. As I have mentioned in my earlier post Spiritual practice and food, food plays a very important role as far as leading a healthy life is concerned. My Guruji’s argument about food was very special and he used to give scientific explanations to these arguments. Rishi Prabhakar says, there are millions of living organisms in this biosphere and nature has provided a specific type of food for each organism. A herbivore creature either very strong like an elephant or a very tiny one, both will stick only to vegetarian food and a carnivore creature will eat only meat of other creatures. Internal as well as external parts of the body of these organisms are helping to collect their food and digest them properly and convert to useful calories. Digestive parts of an herbivore are different from that of a carnivore and length of intestine varies from species to species. According to scientists, we human are herbivore mammals and our digestive system including intestine is fit for vegetarian food and any deviation in selection of food may not be a wise idea. He says, compared to various creatures of this biosphere only human are prone to different type of diseases and selection of wrong food is the main reason for this development. Because of food habits which are against to our body nature we are inviting trouble for us in the form of killer diseases and we are spending most of our energy in fighting these self invited enemies. Then how to prevent these diseases from occurring? My teacher declares, going to Nature and living green is the only option through which we can live happily like other species of our planet. Since our body design is made for vegetarian food, we need to eat mainly vegetarian, preferably raw. Rishi Prabhakar has proved beyond doubt many a times through his yoga classes and sessions that one can lead a happy, disease free life following vegetarian food habits and changing life style. One of the most powerful animals in the earth is elephant and it eats only vegetarian food and from this example we can learn that -if you eat what you are suppose to eat and able to digest what you ate, you can remain as fit as an elephant. Like human beings what will happen to an elephant if it eats meat of some other animal?


Chapters From My Life said...

I at times wonder where the elephant gains it weight from.. No ice creams, no chocolates and no non-veg.
That is quite an informative blog but then human beings have developed the method of cooking etc which is making it possible for them to have variety of food. Fish has been proven to be very healthy for human beings. Sorry there I am not trying to contradict you but just giving out my thoughts...

You have an award for you on my blog chapters from my life. Please collect it.

mommakin said...

This is very interesting. One of my daughters is a vegetarian (not vegan), the other would eat nothing but meat if I'd let her. The hubs and I eat meat about twice a week. When we experimented with a vegetarian lifestyle, I felt weak - a symptom which was quickly alleviated when I re-introduced meat to my diet.

You have, however, given me food for thought.