Sunday, November 21, 2010

Am I disappointed with the result? No … not at all

Hi friends, my blogging journey started under the expert guidance of Badri way back on 27th of July 2008 and since then I have never turned back. Day by day my blogging skills got sharpened including writing skill. My Google page rank rose to 4 and received 90/100 website grade from website grader. I joined Indiblogger, a network of Indian blogger and here also my site got 84/100, a respectable rank. I placed all these rank badges on a prime location of my blog and used to watch them proudly every time when I enter my page. As days passed, I started to believe that I have become a matured blogger. I myself gave a respectful position to my blog.

My association with Indiblogger network is not very long and I did not put enough efforts to make more friends within this network. During the initial days of my blogging journey most of my visitors and blogging friends were from abroad. I happened to know about this network when I visited Priyanka Prabhu’s blog and without any second thought I registered my site and that was the first when I felt homely in the world of Blog. I am really proud of some of Indiblogger members who maintain a world class blog. When “Tata Docomo 3G life” contest was announced on Indiblogger, I have decided to take up the challenge and that was my first participation in any contest as a blogger. Without putting much thought and without any preparation I just wrote an article and posted it on Indiblogger. Even I did not make a sincere effort to read posts by other participants some of whom are well reputed blogger. I thought whatever I have posted is enough to win the contest. I have completely forgotten that I am a frog inside a well and unaware of the developments taking place out side the well.Now the results are out and my honest opinion about the winning posts is that out of two posts, one definitely deserves a top position in the list OF submitted posts. I have congratulated both the winners and shared both posts to my face book dash board. Now time has come to address my shortcomings as blogger and need to do serious blogging. I need to change my blogging strategy from visiting more number of sites to reading more posts having valuable contents. I feel this failure is a blessing in disguise for me because it gives a chance for the frog to come out from the well.


Rangan Badri said...

It is heartening to see your positive attitude Kamath. Better luck next time.

Always Happy said...

good luck. Keep up the good work.