Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Indian lemon pickle for my Malaysian blogger friend

Hi friends, every society has got its own culture or way of life and specific food habits are followed in different societies. A particular food habit practiced in one part of the world may not be liked in another part. For example, I cannot even imagine myself eating Chinese non vegetarian items (leave lone eating) and this may be the case with many other people around the world. But things are changing rapidly with easy access to internet. Food blog plays an important role as far as popularizing food culture from one part of the world to other. Now I can prepare a tasty “cauliflower, leek and blue cheese soup” which is famous in America or a French recipe “Seared halibut with vegetable crisps and potatoes” without much difficulty by browsing food blog. As an active blogger I have many friends in different parts of the world and I am fortunate enough to interact with them via our blog. I feel proud of Miss. Seri, who is a blogger from Malaysia and I feel her blogging activities should be a guiding factor for a blogger especially newcomers. Recently she requested me to send preparation method for Indian lime pickle through my Gmail Id. But I thought it is better to be through my blog, so I am linking an Indian food site “Indian Food rocks” from where she can get details of the pickle preparation.

For Seri:

Hi Seri, thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my county’s recipes with you. Hope you can prepare it very easily and all your family members may like it. I feel language barrier can be overcome with Google translator. Waiting for your tasty feed back!


Swetha S said...

It's nice to learn to cook through blogs, isn't it?
Nice post..

cathycantik said...

wew...look the picture...seein nyuummmiiii.

Seri Bahasa said...

seri really appreciates your work. thanks for the help. Still looking for the main ingredient (lime). it's hard to find lime at my place.

budiawanhutasoit said...

i have not taste this food yet, but i'm sure it's yummy..