Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Humanity shown by an animal

Hi friends, sad part of human history is that there is a drastic drop in humanity as we grew as a civilized society. The dictionary meaning of humanity is kindness, benevolence or desire to do well to others and this nature is slowly disappearing from us and it is replaced by selfishness. There are many instances of kindness shown by animals particularly by pet animals towards human beings. Today I received an email attachment from my daughter- in- law and friend Varsha Kamath from Bangalore about a rare act of kindness by a monkey. As soon as I opened the mail I thought it is a good idea to make it a blog post. You can see a monkey with two blind persons in a temple in Bangalore.

They were very thirsty and desperately trying to operate the water tap without any success. The monkey which was silently watching the proceedings opened the tap for those disabled persons, allowed them to drink water, also drank some water and closed the tap afterward. If you closely watch the picture, you can observe the eagerness on the face of monkey in helping them. In India we worship various types of animals including monkeys and our association with this animal is very old. In the war of Ramayana, monkeys fought evil forces along with Lord Rama and Hanuman a super ape was instrumental in the defeat of King Ravana. Since then till today Hanuman is worshiped all over India in temples separately as well as along with Lord Rama. This is the gratitude we are showing to Hanuman for helping Lord. In fact, the main deity of RagiGudda Anjaneya Temple where this rare incident took place is Hanuman, the super Ape

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Halid said...

Animals are really smart. I believe we are the ones who sometimes make them "dumb"

Great article