Saturday, October 2, 2010

Simple tips to reduce carbon foot prints: Pat-1

Hi friends, blogging is my passion and I love to blog about environmental protection related subjects. I strongly believe that, with small changes in life style we can bring positive changes in our biosphere. We need to remember that the present generation is only the custodians of the precious natural resources available in the Nature and it is our moral responsibility to hand over it in good condition to coming generation which includes our own kith and kilns. We cannot afford any further exploitation of Nature and its resources and I am going to discuss some tips in my blog posts which may reduce our carbon foot prints if adopted in our day to day life. Some of the points are known to all of us but it is the need of the hour to adopt them without any delay otherwise it will be difficult to repair the damage. Some of the points which are going to be discussed in my posts may look very insignificant but in totality they will also make huge difference to carbon foot print or green house gas generation. Use of solar energy, wind energy and reforestation are some major steps towards restoration of a healthy environment but small scale effort from individuals can accelerate it.

It is only the beginning of October month and the effect of rising mercury is unbearable in my area. I have written a post observation of a lay man in which mentioned the capacity of Nature to take corrective action during critical climatic changes and hope to see Nature use its hidden power.