Sunday, October 24, 2010

My videos are online

Hi friends, I am a proud owner of Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50 digital camera which was presented to me by my son on my 25th marriage anniversary and I make use of this user-friendly camera occasionally with my limited knowledge about its functions. Though it is having many features to get high quality output, I use only automatic setting for both video and snaps. Also, I own a Nokia Express music 5800 mobile phone with a built in 3.2 mega pixel camera and I love to take snaps and videos from it also. I need not mention that this phone is also a gift from my son. My videos and photos collection is very huge which is consuming 49GB of my PC’s hard disk memory. I used to browse for my favorite video songs especially old Hindi movie songs in You Tube whenever I get free time and I was wondering how those video clips are made and published. Today I joined YouTube to know about its functions including uploading and publishing of video files from PC. Thanks to Google and its associated sites, I could upload and publish as many as four video clippings without much difficulty. To edit a large video clipping of my son’s marriage function I downloaded free software Videopad Video Editor Software and with its help I made a small clipping from a big video file. Even happily I went one step ahead and linked all those YouTube clippings to my orkut and Facebook profiles where I have got many friends. I am eagerly waiting to here my friend’s feed back.

Looking at the deteriorating environmental condition some times I feel technology and modernization are curse to man kind or Mother Nature but while harvesting its benefits I get confused. We have reached a stage from where we cannot go back as far as using technology and development is concerned but choosing a path of sustainable development may minimize the harm on various compartments of our environment.

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liked your blog .best of luck .
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