Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to earn free credit and use it for blog advertising?

Hi friends, as a blogger I want to see more and more number of visitors to my site and my blogging activity becomes dull when my blog audience number decreases. I cannot survive and grow without oxygen supply to my body, similarly my blog cannot have a respectable place in internet search engines lists unless I don’t attract visitors and my blog does not have enough network partners. I started my blog two years back and used to spend hours together to boost my blog visitors. After joining Entrecard which is a free blogging network, not only visitors to my site increased but my online activity became effortless. Bloggers who become members of Entrecard network need to place a small widget on their blog and this arrangement is a win- win situation for everybody who is part of this network. You will earn free credits for dropping your card which can be accumulated and spent for displaying your site’s advertisement on other sites. Members are offered free credits to participate in various Entrecard online contests and by taking part in the latest Entrecard contest every participant can win as many as 5,000 credits which can be used to promote his blog.

I feel, this is an opportunity for low profile blogger like me to boost site traffic by using the Entrecard credits earned without any effort.