Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Simple tips to reduce carbon foot prints: Pat-4

Reduce taking hard copies

The positive aspects of computerization in our day today life are many and some of these aspects are very significant as far as environment protection is concerned. With the introduction of the concept of soft copy, it is observed that there is a considerable reduction in paper consumption and some organizations are holistically practicing the concept of “paper less office” which is beneficial for nature as well as to the organization. It was estimated that annual world paper production was in the range of about 300 million tons which means that more than 600 million tons of wood or trees were uprooted every year. But looking at the increasing popularity and world wide voluntary usage of soft copy in place of paper, one can say that there is some reduction in wood consumption. Various types of memory devices like laptop, pen drives with high memory are supplementing this revolutionary change which finally ends up with environmental protection. It is nice to see school going children using pen drives containing study materials instead of bulky printed books. Introduction of e- news paper, e- ticket are some welcome moves as far as preservation of natural resources are concerned.

I feel, introduction of the concept of digital photography is a blessing for our environment for various reasons. Apart from putting brake to printing of photos for which wood is one of the raw materials, digital photography puts an end to usage of hazardous chemicals which are part and parcel of photo film manufacturing process. Thanks to the healthy competition prevailing in the electronic manufacturing industries, digital cameras are becoming cheaper in one hand and computers with high memory hard disks are available in affordable ranges on the other and these things are encouraging people to save soft copies of snaps instead of taking its prints. This is a good example of use of technology for sustainable development.

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