Saturday, October 2, 2010

It can’t be a better birthday gift to Mahatma Gandhi!

Hi friends, to day is the birthday of Late Mahatama Gandhi and many people call him as father of our great Nation (but I have got strong reservation about it) and I think all Indians have given a most precious birthday gift to the messenger of truth and non violence. His soul will be the happiest one in the heaven among all and the simple reason is every Indian followed his path of non violence on the crucial day of Ayodhya verdict on 30th of September. Proving all the all predictions of violence wrong, Indians shown highest level of maturity and all sections of society shown the world that we Indians are also ready to be part of a civilized Global Village. India as an oldest civilization went though some ugly phases in the recent past on the religious ground and I believe Ayodhya verdict provided us an opportunity to count our positive aspects as human beings. Just like a pat on the shoulder of a school boy as an appreciation for his good work, we also got a gentle pat on our shoulder and we want to show more qualities of a civilized society to the rest of the world who were expecting a civil war and blood bath in India. I believe we Indians born on this soil are very lucky to be a part of a very old civilization and our positive aspects are bound to come out one day or the other in spite of many odds in our society. Now it is the moral responsibility of all our leaders both religious and political to encash the good will created in favor of a stronger India where real secularism is practiced. If we proceed in this direction and succeed to devote all our energy to rebuild our Nation which is free from violence, intolerance and above all free from corruption, then it will be a touching tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and a great service to Mother land which comes first and every thing next. The speed at which our population is increasing, we need to concentrate on multi fronts including infrastructure, job creation but we cannot forget the importance of an education system which will make our citizens proud of our country and its heritage but we are still banking on Lord Macaulay’s education system which is aimed at division of Indian minds. Let us prepare now it self to give a better tribute to Mahatama Gandhi on his next birthday.


Anonymous said...

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florist said...

Mahatma Gandhi was a real human in true sense, He believed in the equality of all the religion, if the people of different religions get united, it would be the greatest gift for him.