Monday, October 4, 2010

Simple tips to reduce carbon foot prints: Pat-2


Hi friends, continuing my discussion on tips for reduction of carbon foot prints which is nothing but generation of green house gases due to our day today activities, I feel reuse of some of the day today materials should make considerable difference in its generation. Reuse should be a subject which can be debated wherever possible and the need of the hour is to make re use as way of our life. There are many items such as plastic bags, plastic utensils, tinfoil, paper which is used or typed on one side where other side is in a usable condition, using cloths as long as you want and giving them to needy people if you are really fed up with them wearing etc. If you know the gravity of situation with respect to deteriorating environmental health, you should not hesitate to buy second hand materials from the market in spite of your capacity to buy brand new items which are directly made of precious natural resources such as wood. Loss of a tree always results in the reduction of nature’s conversion capacity from carbon dioxide to oxygen. I heard that Japanese adopted the concept of waste to wealth long back which can be adopted by all of us with a multiple view of improving the environmental health as well as our personal financial health. Here I want to mention a website,which aims at nature protection. I am also a member of this site but my contribution to their cause is very negligible. The members of the site themselves created different groups and one such group I would like to mention here is “CO2….. Cut it out” and the related website is

Friends, if there is a will there is always a way and lot of websites are maintained with a sole purpose of saving our planet from environmental disaster and we can get valuable information from then as far as everything related to environment condition and its protection is concerned. The concept of reuse may not be liked by business community which is directly affected by this movement but to save our planet we must make our self tough.