Thursday, April 22, 2010

Observation of a layman

Hi friends, as far as knowledge about ecology, environment and meteorology are concerned I am a layman. Since I don’t have any deep knowledge about these subjects, my opinions about them will not carry any weight at any time. But like any environmental scientist I am also equally concerned about the deteriorating environmental conditions especially global warming. As India lies in the so called tropical zone where the ambient temperature will be high for most of the time throughout the year, the effect of global warming can be experienced more than anywhere else. As mentioned, I am not an expert in meteorology but still I am noticing the drastic climatic changes taking place around my place. Soaring mercury level makes our life horrible and experts say that if this trend continues without any break, those days are not very far when there will be no life left on our earth. But I keep my fingers crossed with this environmental issue because a ray of hope is beaming out for us in the form of another climatic change. In the recent years, I have observed a mentionable climatic change which is slowly picking up. Every time when the mercury level goes up very high and it becomes unbearable especially during summer season, a sudden drop of temperature takes place because of instant wide spread downpour. I feel this trend may be the beginning of a corrective action taken by Mother Nature to protect her children which includes all species on the Earth. Contrary to the popular stories about depleting mass of ice in glaciers, some experts say that there is an increase in the ice deposit. Scientists may read different things from these changes but as a layman I feel that we may enjoy cooler days in coming years and our future generation deserve it.

But the need of the hour is to minimize the generation of green house gases and this require a dedicated effort and lifestyle change from all of us.


Pierre said...

thanks...i've added ur link too...happy blogging and have a nice weekend :)

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Abhilash Pillai said...

I must say you are not a layman.
Your observations are right and there has to be an equal effort to correct them.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Nalini Hebbar said...

I am an ecologist and my love for nature and the environment is above all in my life. Very thrilled to see this article by you, a nature lover.
They have admitted that the data about the ice cover was fictitious. But the message is clear, we need to do our bit by changing our lifestyles.

Peluang Usaha said...

Well written post, thanks

Mohan Chandra Pargaien said...

Very optimistic post hope this might prove true but the harsh realities of deterioration of environmental conditions of the Mother Earth are known to all. I think a little but collective action towards conservation of resources , less consumption and protection of environment in this direction may surely bring good days for future generations.
M C Pargaien .