Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blogging with countrymen!

Hi friends, my journey of blogging or blog walking has given me opportunities to visit blogs of notable personalities of my Great Country. It is indeed a pleasure for me to visit the pages of number Indian bloggers who maintain their blogs on various topics on the earth. I found that most of Indian blogs contain very useful contents and some of them are of very high standard on any scale. Similar to information technology, though we Indians have entered the blog world very late still we are way ahead of rest of the world as far as our enthusiastic participation and quality of out put are concerned. One of the tallest political leaders of modern India Mr. L.K Advani maintains a blog and it is a feast to read his articles which are of very high standard written in a simple language. I am surprised to see his total command over English language. Also I would like to mention about the blog of Mrs.Shobha De who is a well known columnist with modern and liberal thinking. With thousands of followers and visitors, her blog is very popular among all sections of our society and as mentioned in her profile page itself, she is a package of "interesting and unpredictable". I found many personal blogs which contain unique posts on special topics and felt these blogs require more publicity as well as encouragement. IndiBlogger is an Indian blog directory and any Indian blogger can register his blog here for free of cost and can become a part and parcel of Indian bloggers network. An automatic ranking system gives rank to registered blogs and blogger can place a widget displaying his Indi rank on his blog. This ranking system gives a chance for healthy competition and helps us to improve our quality of blogging. Today my blog got rank of 83 out of hundred and I am delighted to see it on the widget placed on my blog. My blog is categorized in Personal blog section and I am not far away from the top rank which is 87 in this section. I thank all my online friends who have helped me to reach this goal especially my blogging Guru Malthy Badri & family.


Rangan Badri said...

I read Shobhaa De's blog. She writes well but not a good blogger. Advani's blog looks like a real blog and he too writes well. I wonder where did he learn blogging. (I am sure I have not trained him. (Smile))

Abhilash M.R said...

very nice observations.The title "Blogging with Countrymen" is thought provoking.Indeed, blogging infuses civic spirit in a democratic society.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading the report, too. It′s easy to understand that a journey like this is the biggest event in ones