Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Indian rituals and routines: Part-3

One of the most common routine practices seen throughout India is greeting each other with a word namaste when two persons meet for the first time in a day. Both palms are placed in front of the chest as shown in the picture while the word namaste is said. You can greet anybody with namaste either he is known person to you or a stranger irrespective of his age. When two persons greet one another with namaste, it is believed that a silent communication take place between inner beings and a good will gets created between two hearts. It is said in ancient Indian scriptures that greeting Namaste is nothing but an act of worship of all pervading supreme power. The persons who know the real significance of greeting namaste will be benefited more in terms of creating positive energy for himself as well as to his fellow human beings where as persons who wish namaste as a social gesture can make more friends for themselves. One can see shade of socialism in each and every rituals and routines which we practice in India and namaste is one of the examples where every individual is treated with dignity and equality. But it is very sad to see that this age old practice is slowly disappearing because of cultural pollution.


Rangan Badri said...

Yes, Namaste is a silent communication between the souls and I too firmly believe that a benevolent vibration is triggered.

Cultural pollution? Hmmm... must muse more on this.

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