Thursday, April 8, 2010

Indian rituals and routines: Part-2

One can hardly see any Indian house without a prayer room or alter where all pervading Almighty is worshiped. In spite of the space constrain in side a house; Indians try their best to spare some space where prayers and other spiritual practices are conducted. Positive energy generating activities including repetition of the Lord's name, meditation, reading of the scriptures, prayers, singing of bhajans or devotional songs are practiced daily by family members. With all these spiritual activities the prayer room will be pervaded with positive vibration and the family members who spend time inside the prayer room will have sacred thoughts which results in creation of positive energy. The accumulated positive energy which originated through regular meditation, worship will take care of the negative energy created by human activities.

Since Lord is the creator of entire creation we believe he is also the owner of our house and as a mark of our love and respect to him we keep a room for him. In this way we remain humble even if we posses wealth. We are only earthly occupants of His property


Grace said...

I like this post and I really agree with this. We really needs some quite time with our Maker. :)

Rangan Badri said...

Hmmm... I see a motivated Kamath. Chennagithira?