Friday, April 3, 2009

Is economy rolling back to mormalcy?

Hi friends, the turbulence in the global economy has created up and downs in most of our life including mine. Due to my personal worries associated with this global phenomenon, I kept my self away from all social activities including blogging. Now, this is the time for me to return to social life, since the derailed economy is showing signs of rolling back to its original track. As far as the present world economy is concerned, some experts argue that it may take as many as ten years to see a complete recovery and emphasize their point by giving example of economic disaster of world war -2 era in which people suffered for more then ten years. But, I am not in agreement with this view for the simple reason that the present generation is more determined than our earlier generations and they are leaving no stones unturned as far as bringing normalcy in world economy is concerned. I hope to see a rejuvenated world economy under the leadership of Barack Obama to put an end to the miseries of our people. Signs of improvements are already appearing with each passing days and I think it is the moral responsibility of all people of the world to make some extra effort to achieve the final goal.