Friday, December 3, 2010

Lessons learnt by a student in the process of becoming independent

Hi friends, I am continuing my previous post on education system in ancient India. I know it is not proper to compare systems which exist on different eras but by counting the positive aspect one system, we can bring changes to the present system. I am happy to read the matured comment for my post “Education at Gurukul in ancient India” by my blogger friend Always happy from United kingdom and according to her “Ancient gurukul system was good, modern education system isn’t bad either, it is up to individual student and parents how they use it. It has its pros and cons.” Any way as promised, I am listing out the lessons learnt by a modern student on his way to become independent. I am not sure whether these lessons are own experiences or copied from any other source but my source is SJCE college magazine published on the year 2002 and the student who wrote the article is Ann Jacob. Thank you Ann.

It takes courage to be yourself
Everybody will not like you and it doesn’t matter as long as you like yourself
You can be lonely amidst gazillion friends if there is no empathy.
Something that doesn’t kill you will ultimately make you stronger
Standing up for what you believe in won’t win you friends, but the peace you feel within beats all.
The best way to overcome fear is to face it.
Be kind for everyone you come across is fighting a harder battle
Truly loving another is letting go of all expectations
The best friends are always gained through trail in life
Never stoop to avenge yourself
Merit doesn’t count every time
Better looking people often get luckier and that shouldn’t demoralize you
Never compromise on personal standards
Prayer can work wonders
Things often won’t work out the way we plan it
You can make mistakes as long as you learn from them
No friendship has a forever guarantee
The most considerate thing we can do is to simply listen
People you love the most may hurt you the most
Things are not what they seen
Betrayal is a common thing but not betraying a betrayer is a decent thing to do
The most cheerful persons have the greatest sorrows buried within
Everyday has its lessons; it is for us to seek them


Teamgsquare said...

Very well written by him , Thanks for writing about this topic .

chitra said...

I am here via Anu's blog . You have a nice space. I would be back to read more.

Always Happy said...

Kamath ji, thank you for calling my comment a mature one!
This is a very good post. thank you for sharing it with us. Ann jacob has listed honest truth. haha..''better looking people get luckier'' true! my most favourite ones from the list is:
- standing up for what you believe wont win you friends but the peace you feel within beats all.
overall, it was a good read on a sat morning. thank you