Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feeling happy about economic recovery?

Hi friends, here is a good news for all of us. According to Federal Reserve Chairman Mr. Ben Bernanke economic turbulence has already calmed down and healthy economic activities are stepping up but in a slow phase. Now the time has come to look back at our past blunders which have pushed the whole world to the brink of economic disaster. I hope the end of recession may bring big smile on the innocent faces of our bothers and sisters all over the world (like in the pencil sketch drawn by my son). Though I am bad at economics, I have listed down many points (I feel they are blunders) which are responsible for this bad economic phase and I firmly believe if we start repeating those economic blunders, it may lead to more severe world economic crisis from where it may be difficult for us to come back. As I have mentioned in my earlier post “remembering my mom and her proverbs” the mighty America and its determined people can contribute a lot to the stability of the world economy. A change in life style may be the need of the hour not only for a healthier economy but for the survival of our planet. I would like to discuss those blunders and connect them to the environment degradation which is taking place in a more accelerated phase than ever. Many a times a feel bad economy is good for our future generation and environment and I have dealt with this topic in my post “Bad economy- good for future generation?” I will conclude here and try to bring out my genuine feelings in my own way in the coming days.


lolit said...

i hope it will be for good now, so country like us could also survive.

Rangan Badri said...

Good post Kamath. A timely reminder for sure not to plunge the world to another crisis.

I want to read more of your mother's financial advises and that too in Kannada so that I could improve my Kannada vocabulary.

Analyst said...

Dear Mr Kamath,
I must compliment you for really awakening the soul of an individual through your thought provoking articles and inspired by you am fully hopeful of doing a better service to the readers by providing quality Indian share market tips and will definitely recommend your site to the readers.

misterdicious said...

nice post. i really wonder how come the economy has got such bad impact globally...

vicy said...

Hello!!Was here today to visit you back..Have a wonderful day to you..God Bless!!

Really praying for our economic recovery

Chubskulit Rose said...

Thanks a lot for the visit and for following..

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