Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yet another tribute to that divine soul

Hi friends, today being the birth day of father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi it is a national holiday for us in India. I have posted a thought provoking tribute to that Great Soul A tribute on the same day last year. His belief on non violence was so intact that he was not tolerating any type of violence in front of him. As a testimony to his practical approach to non violence, I would like to mention an incident which took place in his life. During the middle of freedom struggle against the then mighty British Empire, he has to face a challenging situation on personal front. His wife Kasturi Bai was advised to take beef soup by her doctor as a part of treatment for a particular disease but Mahatma was not ready to compromise on his values. As an obedient life partner she refused to take beef soup to up hold his values and got cured from her illness through herbal medicines. This incident shows his will power in tackling any situation without compromising his believed values. We have seen politicians who preach values to their followers but when their personal interest are at stake, they forget all values and principles and take a root which benefits them personally. Very few souls come to this world who sacrifices their entire life to safeguard the values which they believe and our beloved Gandhiji is one among them.

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