Thursday, October 2, 2008

A tribute to messenger of non-violence

Hi friends, today being October 2, public holiday in India on behalf birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Though he was one amongst the millions of freedom fighters who fought against the then mighty, merciless colonial power of British Empire, his simplicity, his belief on truth and non violence and successfully leading the entire freedom struggle as per his philosophy earned him the status of father of Nation. But he was miserably failed in his effort to bring religious harmony and become a mute spectator to the division of his Motherland on the basis of religion. He never accepted any position including Prime Minister Ship when it was offered to him. He won the battle against British by mere non cooperation and non violence means, but his tragic death was due to bullets fired on him by his fellow countryman, who himself was an admirer of Mahatma. Religious intolerance is the origin of all types of terrorism in the world today. If any religious group, any where in the world, feel it is being targeted by other groups, they can show their anger by non violent methods. Terrorism cannot solve any issues. Tools adopted by Mahatma can well be adopted by these groups and get their issues resolved without loss of life and property.I think there cannot be a better tribute to that Great Soul other than this?