Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birthday Gift from Badri

Hi Friends, after a gap of about ten days, I am writing a blog post. Though I did not write any thing in my blog during these days, I was visiting some of my friends sites for continuity. Few days back my friend and mentor Badri sent me this link Income opportunity about online income generation, as per his advice I joined it and started working on it. To my surprise, I could earn hand some amount within a span of three weeks. October 21st was my birth day and as a birthday gift to me from Badri, my earning reached three digits in dollars. I took the task of writing articles on the topics given by amazon mechanical turk and I am very happy about most of my articles got selected. Also I wrote many reviews for different products and books. For all these activities I was paid in dollars by a.m Turk. So I could not write any posts on my blog during this time. I missed all my online friends,their online touch and I can't keep myself away from my passion any longer(blogging)


Rangan Badri said...

Kamath, sollave illai! Congrats man. I am happy for you.

singapore florist said...

Nice idea regarding online income. I think your friends gift idea is really very unique. . Thanks for sharing this idea with us.