Sunday, December 6, 2009

Prevention is better than cure: Part -5

Hi friends, continuing my discussion on importance of water with respect to preventing occurrence of various types of diseases I would like to share some important health benefits of drinking water on empty stomach. Similar to pranayama (breathing exercise) which may be called as oxygen therapy, drinking water in a scientific and systematic manner is called as water therapy and it has become more popular in Japan than in any other country. Japanese made a sincere effort to study the health benefits of drinking water on empty stomach and the Japanese medical society has come out with a study report according to which one can get 100% cure for the following common disease.

Headache and Body ache

Blood pressure and Heart system


Fast heart beat


Excess fatness

Bronchitis asthma



Kidney and urine diseases







All types of eye diseases

Womb cancer and menstrual disorders

Ear nose and throat diseases

The method of this water therapy is very simple and free of any expenditure except dedication and belief in what you are doing. The person who follows water therapy will be free of any pain nuisance.

Routine procedures to be adopted in water therapy

Drink about 600 ml water as soon as you get up from bed before brushing teeth

Don’t consume anything for 45 minutes and you may proceed with brushing during this period.

Take your normal breakfast and drinks after 45 minutes.

After breakfast, lunch and dinner don’t eat or drink anything for about 2 hours.

For aged people, drinking as much as 600 ml water at a stretch may be a Herculean task and such people can acclimatize to this habit by drinking lesser quantity in the initial days. Water therapy can be practiced life long without any side effects; but you need to practice it for a minimum period if you want to see remarkable difference in patient’s condition.

Blood Pressure

30 days


10 days


30 days


10 days


180 days


90 days

So friends, Mother Nature has provided us everything to live happily without any diseases and it is left to our wisdom to use them properly and live happily.


Senior Debutanta said...

Your blog about water therapy is indeed informative to a diabetic like me. There's no harm in trying. I'll follow the tips. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

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I am final, I am sorry, but it is necessary for me little bit more information.