Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are we enjoying on the debris of our ancestors?

Hi Friends, I am a Post graduate Diploma holder in Ecology & Environment and topics related to environment are very close to my heart. Here I have studied about different types of fuels which we use in our daily life. Petroleum products are our main source of energy in this modern era. It is explored from beneath the earth in the form of crude oil which is then refined to different grades. Generally coal and petroleum products are categorized as fossil fuel means fuel obtained from the remains of animals and plants buried under the earth million years back. I don’t want to go deep inside the theoretical part of its formation but only political part of it. Often I am pained by seeing the politics played by countries having oil resources. Crude oil prices are manipulated so as to weaken the economic conditions of other countries especially third world counties. Some individuals having the ownership of oil wells are ill treating the less privileged masses. Some times I think the whole world is at the mercy of these oil producers. Here I don’t want to name any individual country.

I studied in my PG Diploma, that fossil fuels are non renewable. So, that day is not far away when there will be no oil inside the earth. But before that, oil resources inside the earth may be shifted to some other part of the world due to continental shift which is a natural phenomenon. These are the warning signals to every body both for producers and users. Oil resource is a gift to our generation from our ancestors (including plants and animals) who lived million years ago. Every body in the world is buying this gift at very high price for his day to day activities whereas some people are exploiting the weakness of the buyer and enjoying.

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