Monday, September 8, 2008

Mind reading machine

Hi friends, advance of software technology results in so many amazing products. Some products are very simple where as many more are hi-tech. I always feel proud of those technologists who produce software products by the tip of their finger. We can compare this technological creation with that of God Almighty’s favorite creation called human. Without life there is no value for body, similarly without software, hardware is like a body without life. Here is a mind reading machine called “Flash mind reader developed by Mr. Andy Naughton which is really amazing. Recently I received it from my friend through email, thought to share it with you as a blog post. Hats off to Mr. Andy Naughton

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Hic!!!! said...

It is not a marvel of technology but just a trick using number theory. Any number between x and x+10 gives you the same number when the sum of the digits is subtracted from it. So actually, the only numbers which occur as a result of your calculation are 81, 72,63 etc till 09. And the symbols of all these numbers are always the same.