Sunday, September 21, 2008

Darwin's theory - only assumption?

Hi friends,I am a regular visitor of allconsidering for which I am a feed subscriber. The author has centered all posts around spiritualism. In a recent post “The purpose of reincarnation” author has expressed views beautifully on reincarnation which are not easy to digest for people like me. I am convinced and happy to go through some views on reincarnation which are matching my own views in my blog post is-rebirth-reality-or-myth in this site.
But regarding the evolution theory author has written I quote: "Evolution is a physical fact. There’s no longer the option of denying that science has proved that humans descend from animals which were also the ancestors of the current apes. Even the Roman Catholic Church has officially accepted this." unquote
Darwin's theory of evolution was based mainly on some assumptions not on scientific facts. Just by assumptions we can't conclude anything. Some hundred years back our forefathers believed that The Earth was flat, but latter it was proved wrong. Here are some quotes about Evolution theory from which we can conclude that species evolution is not a scientific fact.

Keeping aside all scientific theories, assumptions and religious belief, we can discuss evolution theory on the basis of some facts of modern era. We have the record of all the species for the last twenty centuries or may be even more except for some rare ones. Our scientists have not witnessed any instance of species evolution what so ever during this period and they are not expecting any such thing in future also. In one Yoga seminar Baba Ramdev of India who is a well-known Yoga teacher and a spiritual leader, has questioned the believers of Darwin’s theory, I quote “if man is evolved from ape, then why that evolution is not taking place now, not for the last 5000 years; if it is a natural process then it should be continues one.” unquote.

Though I try to find scientific answer for all my doubts, I just blindly believe that every species is a separate creation of God and don’t need any scientific proof for it.


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you have a nice blog post .. and everyone is entitled to their viewpoint . I , however would like to slightly correct some of the things you have mistakenly mentioned in your post .

yes, its true that sientists have a databse of countless number of plant and animal species however it is not true that no evolution has been observed.
there are various sub species of all the plants and animals that depend on the climate or their natural habitat .
for example hummingbirds have various subspecies where the lengths of their beaks are different depending on the flowers the utilise for nectar

or how Siberian huskies and other such long fur dogs are able to thrive in cold climates while the shorter haired dogs arnt .

this isnt because huskies love the snow. its because of evolution .

or the fact that scientists have now come up with a cure for most viral infections like AIDS or even early stage cancer but we still need to go to the doctor everytime we get the common cold or flu .. this is because the evolution rate of the common cold virus is so fast that everytime scientists develop a drug against them .. the virus mutates itself and becomes resistant .

in short the theory of evolution is not a theory , instead its a scientific fact .