Saturday, September 27, 2008

Power of belief – A real story ?

Hi Friends, I am going to share an incident with you which took place about 50 years back in Mangalore district of Karnataka state, southern part of India where we can see different types of religious rituals. One of them is Holy Spirit Worship popularly known as BHUTA KOLA. This is an ancient form of worship prevalent among the Tulu-speaking community in Udupi, Mangalore districts in Karnataka and Kasaragod( my native place) district in Kerala. The spirits or the bhutas worshipped are considered to be the guardians of the villages, blessing and protecting the villagers. Many of these spirits are said to be attendants of Lord Shiva. Though people in this area are well educated now and the literacy rate here is very high compared to any other part of India, most of the villages have become towns, effect of modernization and globalization can be seen in every house hold, but their belief on the existence of Bhuta is still intact, in fact it has increased. Why it is so?

Here is a real incident: In a village near Mangalore, in a middle class family, their only worshiping deity was a spirit called panjurli(See Video). Their every activity was beginning with panjurli and ending with it. That means, though it was not visible, they were feeling its presence in their house and around them. Such was their belief on panjurli. The lady in the house was the back bone of the family looking after her six small children and her husband who was also not healthy. Suddenly one day, lady fell down due to some unknown reason, every body thought she was unconscious and gave some first aid, but there was no improvement in her condition. She has no breath, her heart beating was almost nil. for every body’s surprise,within few minutes she suddenly got up as if nothing has happened and continued her routine work. Calendar pages rolled, Children grown up, daughters got married; sons became earning members of the family. As a whole all were very happy. One day on the day of Bhuta kola which is performed once in a year, suddenly she fell down again, in front of the people who gathered for the function. Within no time her dead body turned in to a skeleton.

What happened there? There is no scientific explanation for it. How a living body suddenly turned in to a skeleton? People gave their own explanations to it. Most of the believers of panjurli thought, this woman died long back when she collapsed first time. To give support to the family members, spirit panjurli entered her dead body and stayed inside till her presence was a must in the family.

I know some readers may think this is a mere story. We see so many miracles take place now and then in different part of the world for which we can’t give any explanation. I wanted to share this very old incident here as a blog post, but I was hesitating since I was not a eye witness to it. Finally gathered my courage and publishing it. If any body can give better explanation for this incident I will be happy to know it.


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It;s truly a Power of belief

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It;s truly a Power of belief

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