Friday, September 5, 2008

Family Tree

Friends, for last 3 days I was away from all of you to attend a religious festival called “Ganesh Chathurthi” to my native place. The uniqueness of this festival is it is celebrated as per the convenience of the devotees. It is celebrated both in public places as well in individual households. For a hardcore religious person this may be an occasion to perform rituals, pray as per his Bhakti (love towards God) and get the blessings of Lord Ganesha where as for common mass it is a time to enjoy just like other festivals. I am originally from Kasaragod, a south Indian city and a member of Kasaragod Kamath’s family which is very prominent in that area. Most of the family members are living independently as individual family in the vicinity of Kasaragod. Some individuals have moved away from there for different reasons like me. Some educated ones are even staying in different parts of the world. One of our family members is heading a nationalized bank as Managing Director. As I have observed from my childhood every one in the family is religious and patriotic in nature. Every member tries to attend this festival irrespective of the location he is presently staying. Last year one boy came from all the way from Australia on five days leave just for attending this festival.

Here is an occasion for all of us to meet at least once in a year and also to celebrate the festival of our favorite God. Festival is celebrated in our family house which is the property of all of us. Here we maintain a record of all the members’ back up to five generation. To educate our future generation about our family and its forefathers a family tree is drawn on a card board and is updated every year on the day of this festival. Every new born members name is added as a leaf in the tree. I think it is very special and unique way of maintaining relationship in the family. Whenever I see this tree with my fathers, forefathers name in the branches, sub branches and leafs, I recall and enjoy my childhood memories witch is associated with them.
There may be many other such unique family traditions in India or may be in different parts of the world which requires publicity and our blogger communities can do it in a best way


Jen Kumar said...

Nice post. I really like how your family have celebrated and created this tradition. I have linked your post on my Ganesh Chathurthi post at the bottom... Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Hi Pandurang mam,
My self Sudheendra Kamath, although my grandfather's name is not there in the tree,I think i also belong to this tree.Iam son of R.A Sudhakaran Kamath,S/o Appukamath,payyannur,who is the son of Ranga kamath,payyannur..We came to knw that we belong to kasaragod Kamath family two 3 years ago.
We are currently in mumbai and every year try our maximum to attend Ganesh Chaturti celebration at Kasaragod Murali Kamath's house near Venkatraman Temple.

Jayaram Kamath said...

Hi guys,, my name is Jayaram Kamath and im 15 years old.... ANd I do attend the ganesh chaturthi festival every year....Hope to meet u all this year too...

Anonymous said...

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